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Basics of Asset Management, Evaluation & Planning

This course provides students/participants the basics of physical assets planning and management.
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Table of contents


This course provides students/participants the basics of physical assets planning and management. The training consists of three modules.
The first introduces physical assets in industries and businesses, the concepts, definitions (understanding) and international standards for asset management & planning. Importance, benefits and feasibility of developing an effective asset management plan are also discussed.
In module two ,the five core components of a standard Asset Management Plan are explained together with the associated questions/techniques and outputs related to each component. In addition, detailed procedures/steps involved in the preparation of an asset management plan are explained with cases and applications.   
The third module provides interested individuals detailed information and sources about the international institutions which provide asset management qualification and certification (including designations, diploma & certification).   
Information about organizations that provide accreditation of prepared Asset Management Plan as per international standards are also provided.

You will learn

✓ Appreciate what asset management, asset system and portfolio are.
✓ Know Asset Management plans applicable standards and accreditation.
✓ The value, feasibility, benefits and importance of effective asset management planning.
✓ Learn how to develop own asset management plan.
✓ Know the requirements /resources for preparing and obtaining qualification, certificates, diploma and designations in asset management.


• Students need to know Planning basics, cost analysis, inventory, funding and related business and management science topics.
• Students need to do review life cycle costing techniques, inventory control and business planning.

This course is for

• Those working in any sector where physical assets (including IT/ICT assets)are important including engineers, accountants, finance peoples, planners, procurement managers, designers ,risk analysts and all those who are involved in the life cycle of AM planning, monitoring and evaluation from the planning stage, through operation & maintenance until disposal stage.
• Asset management is as important for engineers as it is for finance/accounting staff.
• Those who are new to Asset Management.
• Those who are willing/preparing to pursue AM certificate exams and obtain designations.
• Experienced practitioners who are willing to check/upgrade their knowledge and skills.
Management & Actuarial Consultant
A Trainer and Management and Actuarial Consultant.
Expert in actuarial studies (pension, insurance and investment), feasibility/impact assessment/appraisals, technical/financial performance evaluation, actuarial/financial modelling and analysis, strategic planning/balanced scorecards & KPIs, cost estimation, budgeting/financing/capital structure, fund raising/borrowing capacity assessment, reform/restructuring for long term financial sustainability, training/coaching/capacity building.

• Holds a Bachelor degree of Engineering (1975) and short diploma in economic theory from the Economic Institute / University of Colorado – Boulder (1983) and Certified Cost Engineer from the American Association of Cost Engineers -AACE (1987).
• Worked in many positions in the engineering, technical, financial, and economic consulting and management of companies and government and private institutions in Kuwait, Jordan, and Tunisia. With a work experience that exceeds 40 years.
• Worked in many leadership and senior management positions (Assistant General Manager, director of departments and head of divisions).
• Worked in the governance of many major industrial, service and tourism companies in Jordan as Chairman of the Board of Directors and a member of the Board of Directors for many years.
• Currently working as a part-time consultant for engineering, financial and actuarial economics for governmental and major engineering services institutions in Jordan.
• With a training experience that exceeds 20 years, during which he delivered more than 3000 hours of classroom training to participants in Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Malta, Tunisia, Iraq, Palestine, Yemen, Bahrain and Libya. His training covers the following areas:
• Marketing, technical, financial, economic, and social feasibility studies and business plans for industrial, commercial and service projects and infrastructure projects (water, roads, energy, electricity and ports).
• Financial analysis, computerized financial models, financial management, taxes, and depreciation
• Actuarial studies and models for social security systems, public and private pension funds, and insurance companies (life & general insurance).
• Strategic planning for public and private institutions and firms.
• Estimating the capital investment (CAPEX) and operational costs (OPEX) and life cycle costs (LCC) for different projects and businesses.
• General and specialized Train the Trainer courses
• Certified a trainer by the European Union (Med Ibticar), and accredited for training with several international organizations operating in Jordan and Iraq (UNDP, UN-HABITAT), American, European, German and Japanese organizations (JICA, USAID, GIZ) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).
Sole author of a book entitled” Analysis and Estimation of Investment Projects Costs”, and has published an article in an international scientific refereed journal, and many conference papers and technical reports in his field of work.

Training Record
• Feasibility Study for Projects (Basics, general, project appraisal, specialised-energy, water & sanitation, electricity, development projects, fund raising, etc.)
• Evaluation of project social & Economic Impact.
• Preparation & development of business plans and implementation and performance evaluation for projects.
• Cost estimation and analysis for investment projects.
• Actuarial studies and reform plans for pension funds, social security schemes & insurance companies. (Basics of actuarial science and long term financial (actuarial) models & principles & preparation of actuarial studies, reform proposals, implementation and evaluation).
• Strategic planning( Basics of strategic plan preparation & balanced scored cards –BSC, Plan development, implementation and monitoring &evaluation of quarterly and yearly achievements).
• Financial management(Basics of FMS, Financial analysis & evaluation of performance, fund raising, financing , access to finance & financial modelling for various purposes)
• Budget preparation, Budgeting process assessment, budgeting as control tools, financial statements and concluding accounts.
• Training of Trainers (TOT)/ (TTT), general & specialized.
• Basic Supervisory skills & contract management (FIDIC), for supervisors engineers in water projects.
• Demand analysis, estimation & forecasting.

I. Papers in Reffreed Journals
• “Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Utilizing Flow Improver Additives for Crude Oil “, Microelectronics Reliability, Vol.25, No.6, 1985, pp. 1151-1156.
II. Reference Book
• Analysis and Estimation of Investment Projects Costs.Published in Arabic (1993).Aram Publishing House.Amman.
III. Papers in Conference Proceedings and Seminars
• ” Investments of Public Pension Funds in the MENA Region: Jordan, Bahrain, Oman and Sudan”, Presented at the Third Annual Public Pension Fund Management Conference, Washington, Sept. 20-22/2004. The World bank.
• “Reforms Related to Public Pension Governance and Management: Jordan and Sudan”, Presented at the Third Annual Public Pension Fund Management Conference, Washington, Sept.20-22/2004. The World Bank.
• “Management of Pension Funds in Jordan : the Case of the Jordanian Social Security Corporation.”, Presented at World Bank Workshop on Pension Management and Reform.June 9-13/2003. Malta.
• “The Public Pension System in Jordan: Main Challenges and Proposed Reform”, presented at World Bank Workshop on Pension Fund Management and Reform.June 9-13,2003. Malta.
• “Plastic Fillers : Are They Cost Effective?”, presented in the Sixth Annual Meeting of Francaise des Ingenierurs et Technciens De stimation,de planification et de Projets, and the Eleventh International Cost Engineering Congress, April 22-25, 1990. Paris –France.
• “Economic Potentials of Polyner Concrete”, presented in the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Cost Engineers.San Diego,June 25-28. 1989. USA.
• “Feasibility of Reducing Seawater Desalination Cost by Reverse Osmosis”, presented in the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Cost Engineers. New York,July10-13,1988. USA.
• “Investment of Social Security Funds : The Case of Jordan”. Presented in ISSA International Meeting of Social Security Actuaries & Statisticians,1995.The Czech Rebuplic.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 49m
Language: English
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