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Basic Concepts of MySQL Database

Basic MySQL Database Operations
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Table of contents


This course is introduction level for MySQL. It covers examples with handouts and MySQL queries. There will be also free online MySQL access for practice.
Please Note that Last Chapter is very fast and it is more of installing MySQL database on Debian, Ubuntu, CENTOS. You must require root access if you want to perform those operations.
If I am missing something; you can refer handout, and SQL script. You can also reach me through email if you need any explanation on specific topics.
Chapter 1: Introduction on MySQL
Chapter 2: Data Types
Chapter 3: SELECT Statements
Chapter 4: Backticks
Chapter 5: NULL
Chapter 6: Limit and Offset
Chapter 7: Creating databases
Chapter 8: Using Variables
Chapter 9: Comment MySQL
Chapter 10: INSERT Statements
Chapter 11: DELETE Statements
Chapter 12: UPDATE Statements
Chapter 13: ORDER BY Clause
Chapter 14: Group By
Chapter 15: Errors in MySQL
Chapter 16: Joins
Chapter 17: Joins continued
Chapter 18: UNION
Chapter 19: Arithmetic
Chapter 20: String operations
Chapter 21: Date and Time Operations
Chapter 22: Handling Time Zones
Chapter 23: Regular Expressions
Chapter 24: VIEWS
Chapter 25: Table Creation
Chapter 26: ALTER TABLE
Chapter 27: Drop Table
Chapter 28: MySQL LOCK TABLE
Chapter 29: Error codes
Chapter 30: Stored routines (procedures and functions)
Chapter 31: Indexes and Keys
Chapter 32: Full-Text search
Chapter 33: PREPARE Statements
Chapter 34: JSON
Chapter 35: Extract values from JSON type
Chapter 36: MySQL Admin
Chapter 37: TRIGGERS
Chapter 38: Configuration and tuning
Chapter 39: Events
Chapter 40: ENUM
Chapter 41: Collations, Transactions, Log files, Replication, Backup

You will learn

✓ Basic syntax in MySQL Database
✓ Basics of MySQL Database
✓ Usage of syntax


• Novice
• All Audience
• Beginner

This course is for

• Beginner for MySQL Database
Executive – IT Operations
Manu was born in the year 1986. He completed his diploma in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (D.E.I.E.) in the year 2005 at Krishnadeveraya Government Polytechnic. He did his Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Electronics and Communication Engineering in the year 2008. He completed Masters in Electrical Engineering in the year 2009 at University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT US. He worked for five years in Information Technology (IT) as a Systems Analyst in United States and has one approved patent from United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and two filed patents. He published many articles including research, policies, reviews, mini-reviews, editorial, short communication and letter to editor in various journals. He is an IEEE Member (Member No: 80399531), member of Golden Key International Honour Society (Member No: 16342916) , Member of Epsilon Pi Tau (Member No: 148800), Member of Sigma Alpha Lambda (Member Id: 206804).
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 13h 20m
Language: English
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