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Basic Communication & Mindset: How to Be Likeable And Sweet?

Build Your Communication Skills Through Mindset to Stay Likeable and Sweet, to Have First Impressions
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Basic Communication & Mindset: How to Be Likeable And Sweet: Build Your Communication Skills Through Mindset to Stay Likeable and Sweet, to Have First Impressions
Everything great starts with Basic Communication and Mindset. To do the awesome you need to be awesome. So I focused to help you learn basic communication and mindset. This will open the next door for you for being good in communication and thinking. And it can be your start to learn something new each day.
One of the training that I loved when I start learning to work on myself is this course. The course opened all doors for me. Then I started learning new skills and habits that make me more remarkable in the marketplace. I recommend you learn these too. Because it is life-changing.

By taking this Basic Communication & Mindset you will be able to:
•Communicate better in every situation
•Learn the basic of communication and mindset
•Learn how to be likable using Venn Diagram
•Learn a better style of speaking
•Present better than before
•Learn correct behavior and reactions
•Manage your speaking content
•Impress people anywhere to get likable
•Learn the effects of body language and voice
•Use better words and sentences
•And so much more…

So don’t hesitate anymore,
Join us now to make new experiences with your students!

You will learn

✓ Basic Communications Principles
✓ Mindset Basic
✓ Likeable Vendiagram
✓ Speaking Style and Presentation
✓ Behavior and Reactions
✓ Mindset and Speaking Content
✓ First Impressions
✓ Body Language
✓ Voice Basics
✓ Good Words and Sentence Basics
✓ And So much more


• No Prerequisites Required!
• A Willingness to Learn :)

This course is for

• People Who Want to Improve the Communication Skills Especially Basic to Get Likeable
• People Who Want to Learn to Be Natural Around Others
• People Who Want Keep the Happy Attitude
• People Who Want to Be Effective and Build to The Skills of Influence
• People Who Want to Be the Best Version of Themselves
BestSelling Course Creator – Media Trainer – Educator
In 2016, It was a beautiful sunny day. My friend and I were walking around our school. It was the spring season. We had fresh air around us. Each breath made us energized, happy, and alive. The birds were everywhere. They were making beautiful sounds. It was one of our best days ever in school. ?
My friend and I were young enough around 16-17 years old. He was always in the tech world. He was using the latest versions of every tech stuff. But you know what? It was Afghanistan. The oldest tech stuff is the latest. ? For example, at that time the Internet was new with 2G speed and we were excited about it. ? We were buying 50MBs for Facebook use for around $1. There was no touch screen computer or smartphone. It is a Nokia 3110. I was in the tech world too. I was working as a student in my brother’s Computer workshop. I was good at software stuff. I spent my young life there in workshops. Computers and laptops were always an inspiration to me. That’s why I still follow what I use. I was able to fix any error in computer software. I was known as an engineer. ?
Well, that was my and my friend’s little intro where we began life in school. We were always in education. Back to where we were, we were walking… Suddenly, he stops walking and asks me with so much curiosity. “JM what do you want to do in the future for a living?”
I said, “For a living, I want to provide one or many online services for people and earn without going to them. All from home.”
My friend didn’t say anything. But he thought I was an idiot. Well in Afghanistan online stuff was impossible.

In 12 grade I started to do what I wanted. Provide services, solve people’s problems, and earn money. I found out that if you provide value to the people, they will come and use your services. I started with Facebook trying to teach public speaking. I was trying hard to teach people how to speak well. But I failed at it. No one bought my products. My family and friends were joking about me. “I am helping you to speak well but I don’t know how to.” That was what people were saying.

One thing, I was good at teaching computers and helped a lot, even during failure times. After many failures, I finally found out to work on myself and learn things that no one is willing to learn. This was odd. I went crazy about personal development, improvements, English, computers…

The only thing I was doing those years was falling, falling, and falling. And of course, I was learning. Finally, I started creating English products. I did the right thing that time. English was my superpower, that was why I started teaching it. In the meantime, I was teaching Computer software too.
It worked. Lots of success and lots of happy customers. problem solved. Mission accomplished. :)

Then I got more happy customers, more promotions, collaboration, getting more jobs…
Now I am happy to teach here. Let me know if you can not choose the right course. :)
Happy learning,
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 29m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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