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Back Pain No More: Easy Fascia Release Self-Care on a Floor

End back pain and get looser, leaner, taller, sexier, and stronger by way of "leisure" mass friction against your floor
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I define well-being as “lifelong mobility with NO chronic pain”.  My innovative concept to apply regular safe and effective clinical friction release massage to your mass promotes self-defense “medicine” to fortify lasting birthright well-being. 
I define chronic symptoms as “lifesaving manifestations” that directly alarm us of deep deprivation-distress.  Excess  aches, pains, inflammation, stiffness, tightness, etc. are your body’s reliably LOUD reaction-responses to an underlying cause.  For me, cause embodies blockage due to lack of deep release in your mass.  Chronic pain is your daily proof siren.
I define vital Required Daily Needs (RDNs) to be water, nutrients, exercise, rest, and rescue, a.k.a. Toddler Well-Being.  These replenishments “counter-oppose” every day usage and loss of supple elasticity, lubrication, water, fuel, and space.  When rescue is daily absent, your daily resilience wanes.  Simple:  Scanty “brush-floss-spit” = Mass “bond-inflamed-fit”.  
I started getting daily mass matrix Fascia Rescue® release on my floor in 2012 at age 48.  My Self-Care discovery began when I learned that “fascia crimps” and “toxins bond” DAILY in my mass.  WHAT??  I was 5’4″ “stuck” in chronic back and body pain for 30 years.  After just 2 weeks on my floor (until now age 57) I am elastic 5’5″ strong and Gumby-like long!  HOW??
Chronic pain resolution was my GOAL.  LESS varicose veins, cellulite, fatigue, anxiety, and restored height were my DOLE. Chronic pain is an old-frail-tired sack of bones diving into decline.  People tell me I look alive with resilient thrive.  That ONLY became my age 48 daily reality once I embraced cumulative mass fascia release “clarity and drive”.      
I diligently practice my basic Body Mouth Connection regime to lifelong prevent chronic pain, deformity, and disease.  Plaque, tartar, bacteria, toxins, calcification crust, etc. accumulate and bond on ALL whole body surfaces.  IF you never grasp that your mass lives in the same daily jeopardy as your teeth and gums, you will likely never aim to consistently rescue it.
Ayurvedian Medicine confirms that if chronic “accumulation” is kept at bay, all chronic aggravation, localization, spread, manifestation, and diversification will dutifully stay away. 
Bad matter in a mass is both measurable and reducible by way of “accelerated forceful friction massage”.  Sir Isaac Newton’s “Laws of Motion” duly advise “mass, acceleration, force, and friction” to confirm mass mobility resilience.  His genius “mass mobility laws” got shafted when Einstein’s “universal energy” crushed them into trumpeted reductionism ash. 
Ancient mass-age was defined as “friction of a mass, or dough”.  Friction is “two surfaces that scrape-resist each other”.  Your own floor can decompress, deflate, suction-plunge, and tenderize deep bad buildup out of your own whole mass if you scrape-resist-dry-drag-them against each other expansively for seconds-to-minutes leisurely.  Why is suction necessary?  Because a clog-bonded mass requires hydraulics tactics that safely qualify to draw out toxins from the cavernous crevices.  How do released toxins freely exit your mass?  Through ALL of your mass matrix “exit spout” nostrils, mouth, and pores.   
ALL of your body constituents, functions, and systems live under an ongoing strangulated blockage siege in your mass.  Qualified applications can easily counter-oppose a negative with a positive to neutralize its longterm affects. 
Surripulation® (Së rip’ ū LĀ shën), SURRender and manIPULATION, ignites built-in Suction Release, Porous Excretion, and Fascial Systems to regulate your own comfort and resilience every day.  Surripulation® is the noun.  Surripulate® is the verb.  Whole Body Fascia Rescue® is the end-result gain to prevent your chronic pain.  Nothing else does the same.
Mass-age that aims to make you pain-FREE mobile requires mass matrix reform.  These perfect laws already exist.
* All mass matrix suction-friction potentials are 100% NULLIFIED when you treat singular pieces through lotions, oils, and clothing by way of popular balling, rolling, stretching, icing, needling, etc.  Your deep smart mass knows what’s what. 
I thrive with daily resilience at age 57 because I suction-friction my whole mass, NOT because I soothe my pieces. 
Get on your floor with me now.  I am genuinely excited to show you how.  It is SO EASY you’ll endlessly bow.
“There is NO GAIN with PAIN and your HIGH TOLERANCE to IGNORE and ACCEPT it is VAIN”.   
Your deep mass ALWAYS KNOWS the whole truth.  Your chronic pain ALWAYS BELLOWS your reliable proof.
Penny Chelios, BA, LCMT, Self-Care Innovator, NCBTMB National and Board Certified Fascia Rescue® Surripulater®         

You will learn

✓ Gain fresh new perspective on lasting resilient well-being
✓ Learn that “chronic” is reliable warning to get on your floor
✓ Identify your Body Mouth Connection “bad buildup” oversight
✓ Self-ignite your Hygiene Release Fascial System for Prevention
✓ Review science Bylaws that mandate lasting pain-free mobility
✓ Perform “leisure floor maneuvers” that restore comfort on a dime
✓ Master advanced rapid-results Self-Care “home healthcare”
✓ Self-ensure your own daily spring, strive, and thrive


• A yoga mat, your mostly bare body, and a “hard bare floor” (No Carpet)
• Belief in pain-free living… despite ongoing “aging and trauma” woes
• Grasp that leisure friction is “safe, effective, and essential” for resilience
• Diligence to “leisurely perform” mass matrix maneuvers daily or weekly
• Desire to “reject, reform, and purge” your own limited well-being beliefs
• Doctor clearance if you suspect any contraindication to leisure friction massage

This course is for

• Diligent people who are getting nowhere with popular pain-management pursuits
• Active able people who can safely get down and back up off of a floor
• Active able people looking to avoid risky pain meds, surgery, and shots
• People who prefer natural means Self-Care over risky medical Sick Care
• People who embrace “friction-based hygiene” for Best Prevention Defense
LCMT, BA, Innovator of Surripulation® Fascia Rescue® Massage
I am an average 57-yrs-young American LCMT.  I enjoy leisure dancing, swimming, biking, eating, and socializing.  I have arthritis, stenosis, scoliosis and a “fluffy-fit” build.  My traumas include tendon tears, joint dislocation, broken bones, herniations, impingements, 3 Total Hip Replacements, Elbow Arthroscopy, C5/C6 Fusion surgeries, and more.  I lived in debilitating chronic pain from age 13 – 48.  But beyond all of my commonly-blamed “causative influencers”, I’ve been chronic pain-FREE resilient for nearly 10 years!  While manipulating thousands of bodies on my table, I tapped into my own fascial massage methods by applying real biology, scholarly research, basic logic, and feel-based assessment.  Regular Whole Body Fascia Rescue® for rapid release and repair did not exist so I invented it.  My floor is my expert LCMT.
I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science.  And (soon) my N.D. and Ph.D credentials in Natural Healing and Nutrition.  In 2015, I taught Musculoskeletal Anatomy at SOMA Clinical Institute of Massage in Chicago, IL.  I have been a 2019 Hinsdale Orthopedics referral partner, 2018 American Massage Therapy Association Annual Conference keynote speaker presenter, 2021 American Naprapath Association Instructor, and I educate organizations like the Union Church Men’s Club in Hinsdale, IL. 
I am a 14-year industry-leading National and Board-Certified Continuing Education Instructor of my very own Surripulation® Massage methods.  I currently host complimentary and fee-based Fascia Rescue® Floor Method classes at the Oak Brook Medical & Surgical Centre where I opened my Fascia Rescue® Massage Clinic back in 2019.  My earnest mission is to help a suffering population choose easy natural innovative massage as a “first line of defense” for well-being.  Fascial elasticity is a life-saving facet that energizes a mass.  Chronic pain freedom is simpler than anyone could fathom.  Fascia Rescue® is myofascial release massage on healthy steroids.  Very few people understand mass matrix release that is based on your body’s constitutional design.  Leap now so you can learn how!  ;)
Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 11m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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