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AWS SAA-C01 Solution Architect Associate Practice Exam

AWS SAA-C01 Solution Architect Associate Practice Exam || Get Certification
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Sample Questions
Q) You are trying to launch an EC2 instance, however the instance seems to go into a terminated status immediately. What would probably not be a reason that this is happening?
a) The AMI is missing a required part
b) The snapshot is corrupt.
c) You need to create storage in EBS first
d) You have reached your volume limit
Q) You have set up an Auto Scaling group. The cool down period for the Auto Scaling group Is 7 minutes. The first instance is launched after 3 minutes, while the second instance is launched after 4 minutes. How many minutes after the first instance is launched will Auto Scaling accept another scaling act my request?
a) 11 minutes
b) 7 minutes
c) 10 minutes
d) 14 minutes
Q) In Amazon EC2 Container Service components, what is the name of a logical grouping of container instances on which you can place tasks?
a) A cluster
b) A container instance
c) A container
d) A task definition
Q) In the context of AWS support, why must an EC2 instance be unreachable for 20 minutes rather than allowing customers to open tickets immediately?
a) Because most reach ability issues are resolved by automated processes in less than 20 minutes
b) Because all EC2 instances are unreachable for 20 minutes every day when AWS does routine maintenance
c) Because all EC2 instances are unreachable for 20 minutes when first launched
d) Because of all the reasons listed here
Q) Can a user get a notification of each instance start I terminate configured with Auto Scaling?
a) Yes, if configured with the Launch Configuration?
b) Yes, always
c) Yes, if configured with the Auto Scaling group
d) No

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