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AWS Lambda 2016 – The Complete Guide (With Hands On Labs)

Learn how to write, deploy & manage your own AWS Lambda functions - to build amazing scalable, real-time cloud systems.
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AWS Lambda is changing the way that we build systems in the cloud. This new compute service in the cloud runs your code in response to events, automatically managing the compute resources for you. This makes it dead simple to create applications that respond quickly to new information. Lambda is the backbone of Serverless Computing with AWS.
This is a comprehensive course that will teach you how to write, deploy, scale and manage lambda functions. Armed with this knowledge you’ll be able to architect solutions from tiny composable microservices that scale massively and respond almost in real time.
In this course we’ll take you through the entire Lambda journey. From setting up your local environment, writing your first Lambda function, to deploying interesting and unique lambda functions that will help you massively scale your operations.
The hands on labs will show you how to write Lambda functions that:
•Run when files change in S3 (eg. image thumbnail generation, metadata extraction, indexing etc)•Run when tables are updated in DynamoDB (eg. analytics/trend detection, auditing, etc)•Run when kinesis messages are received (eg. notification generation, message filtering, etc)So join us and become a cloud guru today.

You will learn

✓ Talk with authority about AWS Lambda
✓ Write amazing application services that respond to S3/DynamoDB/Kinesis events
✓ Understand where/when to use AWS Lambda
✓ Write your own AWS Lambda functions
✓ Deploy & run lambda functions in the cloud
✓ Manage lambda functions including diagnostics/logging


• A little bit of coding experience helps — ie. what is a function, a variable, etc
• Some experience using the command-line/terminal helps

This course is for

• AWS Absolute Beginners. No prior AWS experience necessary.
• Developers who want to build micro-services
• Developers who want to build massively scalable systems
• Solution architects (not just developers) who want to understand more about Lambda
Solutions Architect
I am the founder of A Cloud Guru and an Amazon Web Services community hero. I hold every associate certification and I am a certified AWS Solutions Architect Professional. I am ex-Rackspace, ex-Sungard & ex-Smart421. I have been working in the Cloud space since it’s very inception.
I am not just another I.T. trainer. I teach Cloud because I know it. Inside and out. I’ve worked as a systems administrator, developer, solutions architect & managing director/general manager for some of the biggest companies in cloud. My courses are not just some other IT training course, delivered by some IT trainer. My background is very hands on. I live eat and breath cloud. I will teach you everything that I know. If you want some boring, high level and theoretical cloud training platform, then my courses are not for you! You will love my courses because of my explain it like I’m 5 approach.
I have 17 years experience in IT in total and I am fluent across both Windows and Linux platforms. My courses are all cloud based and will be aimed to accommodate both absolute beginners, as well professionals. I always start with the basics and by the end of my courses you will be proficient as a Cloud Guru. Please add me on Linkedin or follow me on Twitter!
Get ready to become A Cloud Guru!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 7m
Language: English
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