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Automated Stock Trading with Python – Trading Bot Included!

Modify the code, implement your strategy for stock trading and generate passive income with this bot written in Python3
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This course is deprecated, please check my other course, “Automated Trading Bot (Python hands-on bootcamp)”, longer and updated.

Old notes:
This course will guide you through the steps that will enable you to have a trading bot operating automatically. With Python, a commission free broker and your laptop you will have a trading bot performing real time orders into the stock market. Learn your way towards an automated trading bot that will be able to place orders following your own strategy, implemented by you, under your control and understanding.
IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: since 2022, Alpaca has updated their API to the V2 and deprecated the V1. This now requires us to pay for real-time data ($9/mo), which in NO WAY is sponsoring this course. There is no workaround that allows you to pull real-time market data in batch.

•This course includes a trading bot already programmed in Python3.
•The course aims to explain how does the code work and how can you implement your strategy
•All the code is explained so you can learn how it works (or simply run it!)
•The trading bot is included, you will learn how to use and modify it – plug and play!
•With a very basic level of Python you will be able to understand all the code
•The trading strategy is explained and its theory introduced, without it being a finance course
•This course goes straight to the point, without spending a lot of time on tools that you may not need
•We will not be coding every line, as done in other courses, but we go straight to the point. If you are looking for a deeper understanding, check the other course I have available.
This course works with Alpaca, which currently works with CFDs (stocks). It is not aimed to work with crypto currency or other platforms. You will finish the course with your bot running, as you can see at the introduction video.
IMPORTANT NOTE: as of today, you can now trade with Alpaca even if you are not a US citizen with no minimum deposit required. Happy trading!
•Landing page image by freestocks and pixabay from Pexels
•Music by Bensound

You will learn

✓ Modify, configure and run the Trading Bot provided written in Python 3
✓ Learn how to place automated orders into Alpaca – the free broker
✓ Implement your strategy in the code provided – outsmart your peers!
✓ Test your stock trading strategy with a paper account, without real money
✓ No live coding, everything is done and explained over the code already written
✓ Learn to combine free libraries like Tulipy, Pandas, Beautifulsoup or Numpy
✓ Implement the specific actions you want the bot to do
✓ Debug your strategy with Trading view
✓ Understand the entry and exit points when trading with CFDs
✓ To pull market data you will need to apply for the Alpaca monthly fee ($9). Check the description for more details.


• Have an entry level of Python
• Have a minimal knowledge about trading strategies and financial markets
• To pull market data you will need to apply for the Alpaca monthly fee ($9). Check the description for more details.

This course is for

• Students who want to have a bot placing orders into the market automatically
• Traders with a working strategy wanting to spend less hours in front of the computer
• Curious programmers wanting to get into the automated trading world
• Interested people in Python and its capabilities
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 58m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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