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Audio Equalization, EQ: Engineering HOT Sound With Equalizer

Audio Equalization complete training! Learn how to EQ music effortlessly with standard equipment and practical examples.
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My name is Marcin and as a self-learned music producer for 10 years I know how to help you with audio equalization. I’m giving expert advice to beginner musicians who struggle with using an equalizer.

Some time ago I decided to create a comprehensive course that solves ALL common EQ problems. Have you just started making electronic music or you already have some experience? Is music your passion? I am more than happy to teach you new equalization skills.

Give your tracks a professional sound

With every single lecture, you will gain a new skill. Throughout my course, you will meet various practical examples of equalization techniques. I’m teaching them in simple words, free of complex theory, or talking about nothing. If you’re interested in real, practical skills and knowledge then you’ll love my course. After my course you will:

•Give more energy and clarity to your instruments
•Remove unpleasant resonances from sounds
•Fix tonal balance between low, mid and high frequencies
•Improve stereo image with mid/side and left/right processing techniques
•Solve issues with phase shifting affecting your mix
•Recognize frequencies and resonances with trained hearing
•Pair your equalizer with a compressor to achieve even better sound

Forget about your equalization struggles

In past, I experienced similar problems as you, when I was using an equalizer. I designed my course in a way, that will stop you from worrying about:

•A lifeless percussion sound
•Flat-sounding basslines
•Cluttered, muddy vocals
•Weird resonances in various instruments
•Unpreserved tonal balance
•Messed up stereo image

… and much more!

Suited for both beginner and intermediate musicians

4 hours full of essential knowledge make this course an all-inclusive equalization guide. Starting from the first section, as a novice producer you will learn:

•Utilizing any equalizer plugin and its features
•Picking a right EQ filter type to achieve the desired goal
•Avoiding most common equalization mistakes

If you’re an experienced musician, you will find lectures for yourself as well. You will learn:

•Equalizing a group of instruments
•Equalization at the mastering stage
•Taking advantage from pultec, tilt and spline equalizers

Extra features

After buying my course you will not only access from one place everything you need to know about EQ. Besides quick results and professionally edited lectures you will gain:

•Instructional track project (with comments inside) and .wav stems for training FOR FREE
•Many practical examples of equalization
•Guaranteed help from me on private message
•Access to my private Facebook group for music producers
•My recommendation of FREE plugins to improve your mixes

Everything you ‘re looking for about equalization… is already here! Enroll now and save yourself tons of time. Learn audio equalization like a pro and take YOUR music to the next level.

You will learn

✓ Utilizing any equalizer plugin and its features
✓ Removing unpleasant resonances from sounds
✓ Adding energy and clarity to various instruments
✓ Fixing tonal balance between low, mid and high frequencies
✓ Avoiding most common equalization mistakes


• Basic knowledge of Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) you use

This course is for

• Beginner producers wanting to kickoff their equalization skills
• Experienced musicians wishing to explore equalization deeply
Independent, self-taught music producer for 10 years
Hello there!I started music production back in 2010. Knowing nothing I made a long way to create decent music. With appearances on various music labels, I’m continuing my journey. I know the struggles beginner producers face. I was a novice musician as well. I’m here to assist you through your music production journey. I can’t wait to improve your learning curve. Besides music production, I also love improv comedy and Italian food.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 3m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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