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Asynchronous JavaScript Deep Dive

Master Asynchronous JavaScript Patterns; In-depth training on Callbacks, Promises, Async Await, Generators and more.
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Effectively working with asynchronous code in JavaScript is an essential skill for anyone working with JavaScript. This course will take you from a beginner or intermediate level to mastering asynchronous JavaScript.
I start with a discussion of asynchronous code in JavaScript and how it compares with synchronous code. We take a look at the event loop and the role it plays in asynchronous JavaScript. We then look at and work with the original asynchronous pattern, the callback. We dive into Promises, and tackle this subject in depth. We then add the async await pattern to the discussion. In the last section we cover generators and how and when they can be used in your code.
I’ve built the instruction with numerous examples. I also provide all the code files so you can follow along and experiment on your own. The course includes 10 exercise and one quiz in order to give you plenty of opportunities to apply the concepts taught.
By taking this course you will be able to:
•Use callbacks throughout your code.
•Incorporate and work with promises no matter the source.
•Use the async await pattern to make your asynchronous code easier to reason about.
•Incorporate generators when needed.
This is one of the best courses I’ve produced, and I feel is unmatched in its coverage of asynchronous JavaScript. If you are looking to learn this very important topic, I would love to take this journey with you.

You will learn

✓ In-depth training on asynchronous JavaScript.
✓ Fundamental concepts about asynchronous JavaScript.
✓ How asynchronous JavaScript is achieved using the event loop.
✓ The ubiquitous callback pattern.
✓ Problems we encounter with callbacks.
✓ The ins, outs and whys of JavaScript promises.
✓ The fetch command.
✓ The async await pattern. The new way of handling asynchronous code.
✓ Generators and when to use them.


• A basic level of JavaScript. The more experience you have the more easily you will grasp the concepts taught in this course.
• A desire to master callbacks, promises, async await and generators.

This course is for

• Anyone who wants to master Asynchronous javascript.
Lead Trainer for All Things JavaScript
I have had 20+ years experience in training and product development and 15+ years working with JavaScript. I started learning JavaScript when it was a new language used for minor affects on a web site. The growth and ubiquitous nature of JavaScript both excites and inspires me.
I currently work as the President and Lead Trainer at All Things JavaScript, a resource for anyone and everyone that hopes to increase their JavaScript skills and move from novice to expert.
I’m doing what I love most: Teaching about technical subjects. It is so important to understand the why, not just the what and how, when it comes to technical subjects. My goal is to help thousands of JavaScript developers to get started and become experts in the field making a great living coding.
I was the co-owner and President of Rapid Intake, an eLearning firm. The company was an ideal place for me to apply my training and development skills. While there I managed all development and professional service related activities. I was heavily involved in the initial development of Rapid Intake’s main product, an eLearning authoring tool, which eventually lead to Rapid Intake’s acquisition in 2011 by Callidus Software.
In addition to JavaScript technologies, I have dabbled in other web technologies such as ActionScript, ASP, PHP, HTML, and CSS.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 5h 53m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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