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Astronomy: The Star Stuff

Understanding the life of the stars
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It is fascinating that the stars have a certain life cycle. They are born in nebulae and after living for millions or billions of years and then die a spectacular death, giving birth to new stars and the cycle goes on…
The star stuff remains one of our most favourite topics and we are sure you will love it! As beautiful and amazing they look, stars have their own mystery which has always intrigued humans giving them clues about the origins of the universe. In this course, we discuss the life cycle of the star: how and where are the stars born, why they are so different from each other, and how do they ultimately die. We also discuss a master diagram which helps us understand various stars and their characteristics. This course being a beginner level is an important one to understand upcoming advanced courses.
Are you ready to dive deeper into the starry sky?

You will learn

✓ Life of the star
✓ Birth and death of the stars
✓ The formation of the stars
✓ the evolution of the stars
✓ Supernova and Blackholes


• There are no strict requirements for this course
• Its better if have a some understanding of the basic astronomical concepts

This course is for

• Anyone who would like to know about the lifecycle of the stars
• Beginners in astronomy
Science & creativity hand in hand
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 45m
Language: English
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