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Astrology: Mercury, Venus and Mars – the Personal Reading

How a person thinks, feels and acts - according to the inner planets of the chart.
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If you love astrology, if you and are enthusiastic about understanding people’s personality and if you want to go fur her with your understanding of the chart – this is the course for you to take!
This is a thorough course in which you will learn all about the 3 inner planets of our solar system: Mercury, Venus and Mars.
•You will learn how to interpret the personality of a person according to these 3 celestial bodies.•You will know how the person thinks, their emotional patterns and their ability to act and actualize their dreams.•You will learn about each of the planets’ mythology, astronomy and astrological function,•and you will go sign by sign learning all the possible combinations of the 3 planets in each of the 12 signs.At the end of this course you will be able to give a persona reading, that exceeds what most people know about astrology!

You will learn

✓ In this course you will learn to interpret the location of Mercury, Venus and Mars in your chart.
✓ You will have a thorough understanding about the 3 personal planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars). You will learn about their mythology, astronomy and astrological meaning.
✓ You will be able to do an astrological reading, telling how a person thinks, feels and acts according to the 3 inner planets.


• You need to know how to produce an astrological chart (either learning it with Karni’s course “Producing and Understanding a Chart”, or elsewhere).
• This course fits those who already know to interpret the Sun-signs, Moon-sign and Ascendant (rising Sign). If you do not know yet about those try our course about the Sun, Moon and Ascendant)

This course is for

• The course is aimed for people already knowing the basics of astrology and want to expand their understandings of the persona reading.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 1m
Language: English
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