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Artificial Intelligence: Practical Essentials for Management

A Manager's Go-to-Guide to Leverage AI at Work (Now, a Book Released Worldwide by Asia's Largest Publisher of IT Books!)
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Why this course: 70% of AI initiatives in organizations fail today not because of a lack of good AI solutions but because of a lack of understanding of AI among the managers – the end users, decision makers and investors in AI. Recruiters & Executives are struggling to find business professionals with a practical understanding of AI. This course is designed specifically to teach current and future managers all that they need to know to lead and manage AI use, without having to code and build AI models. You will: 
1) Learn both technical & managerial aspects of AI 
2) Identify the right AI solution & learn rare managerial frameworks to lead AI journeys successfully in an organization.
3) Get recognized in the use and management of AI/ML/DL by getting certified.
4) Gain competitive advantage in a hiring process or at work by being AI ready.
What this course covers:
•What is AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning, and how are they different from BI
•7 Principles of an AI Journey
•How to decide whether a problem needs AI at all
•If AI is needed, how to become data ready – Tuscane© Approach
•Once ready, how to decide whether to build or buy a solution as well as what the risks really are with doing AI incorrectly – Fab-4© Model
•How to tell whether a software uses AI, or what kind of AI it uses
•How to differentiate powerful AI solutions from weaker ones 
•How to determine which AI technique(s) can solve your specific business or organizational problem 
•How AI analyzes different types of information, how it makes predictions, how it recognizes images, how it communicates with your customers, or how a robot learns to behave like humans! This will involve some of the most popular Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques that are being used today: Classification, Regression, Decision Trees, Ensemble Learning, Clustering, Association Rules, Search Algorithm, Reinforcement Learning, Natural Language Processing, ANN & CNN
•How to measure AI’s performance with a 4-step approach
•How to get others to use it in the organization 
•How to implement it successfully so that you don’t waste thousands of dollars and hours of effort 
•How to estimate the financial value of an AI solution
•Best Practices to formulate an AI strategy
•7 Principles of Human-AI Work Policy Framing
•How to minimize risks associated with AI for an individual and the organization
Ideal for: The classes have been designed to provide in-depth practical knowledge on AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning if you:
1) Are interested in AI/ML/DL to advance your careers or to use it effectively to accomplish tasks at work
2) Have limited time but would like to get a thorough managerial understanding of AI/ML/DL
3) Do not need or are not interested in learning how to code AI/ML/DL
Bonus: At the end of each lesson, you will also get access to reports on some of the amazing & scary ways in which AI is being applied on you. I’ll be updating the course with newer articles as and when they appear, which you will have free lifetime access to.

Special Thanks: Wife, Partner & Creative Support, Pooja Chitnis.
Cover Image by 宗文 李 from Pixabay.

You will learn

✓ Continued access to latest articles on groundbreaking AI developments
✓ 7 Principles to lead an AI journey in an organization
✓ Key techniques of Machine Learning & Deep Learning
✓ How to become data ready for AI – TUSCANE© method
✓ How to decide whether to use AI at all, & whether to Build or Buy a solution – FAB4© Approach
✓ How to measure AI performance & lead AI adoption in the organization
✓ How to identify strong vs. weak AI solutions, and ensure desired results
✓ How to frame AI strategy & policy
✓ How to manage organizational risks with AI
✓ How to estimate the financial AI valuation


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This course is for

• Executive Leaders
• Managers
• Administrators
• New Graduates
• University / College Students
Author, Instructor, Advisor & Head of AI Customer Experience
Malay is an internationally experienced Growth executive and Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awardee, certified in Machine Learning. He is the CXO at a N. American AI firm, having served formerly as its Chief Marketing & Sales Officer. He has served in multiple industries across 3 continents, and was one of 25 individuals chosen globally to envision the industrial future for Marzotto Group, Italy.
In recent years, Malay has held multiple CEO & CHRO sessions on AI-enabled growth and has trained 150+ executives on AI value realization: a subject he also drives as an Author, Online Instructor, Advisor, and Member of the European AI Alliance.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 10m
Language: English
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