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ART and Science of Immigrant Success- Moving to Canada & USA

How to Overcome Challenges Immigrants face for Job, Career Growth & Business. Your Degrees & Certificates are not enough
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Remember the time……
when you were settling into Canada, USA.
Re-learning how to drive, driving test, getting a new license,
house rental hunting,
understand school and transit system,
new friends, a new language,
new food (it is funny how even cauliflower tastes different),
a new market, fashion,
after school activities and much more.
And oh! Not forgetting, finding a job, or get on to career growth path.
You must also spend much more effort and time than others in office due to your strange visa situation (if you are on a work permit or Job-based visa you understand what I am saying).
The pressure of the visa or being new to the country can be seen in the dynamics of each meeting in most offices. I know I have been there…
You think at least three times before you speak up. Immigrants are always in a dilemma to participate in difficult conversations especially if you are on a temporary visa.
I know most immigrants are on a very short end of the rope. We have 10X challenges.
On top of all this, we face multiple rejections in our pursuit to dream careers in Canada and the USA, sometimes for unknown reasons.
Working 300% harder to achieve results leads to a bitter, demoralized population that isn’t happy, can’t think positively, and struggles to attract abundance.
And we get into a vicious circle.
As I’m sure you will learn (how to overcome these challenges) from this course as well as my book which comes as a bonus with this course.
The book and course teach immigrants how to achieve success and overcome the obstacles that are unique to their situation. Whether it is to find your first job, career growth, start a Freelancing career or a new business, these techniques can be applied to get stunning results for you.
I have seen a few immigrants reach their potential by implementing the same secrets.
I believe that every immigrant deserves a chance to achieve their dream and live life to the fullest, without having to constantly worry about career, money, and under-achieving.
I only talk about reaching your true potential.
The potential depends upon you and your very personal goals.
It may be becoming a VP, Director, or an analyst in a corporation.
Owning a business
becoming a designer, project manager, nurse,
an engineer,
a professor, research associate in university or
Or excel in retail!
Whatever your unique situation, your goals and your potential is
You can achieve by implementing these time-tested secrets used by many before.
I have spent a few months on the book and videos but wanted to make it affordable to everyone.
I understand the “dollar cost mind challenge” faced by immigrants especially when we convert the cost of a product to our home country currency. I did it for the first few years. In my book, you will read my story about how I tried to save a dollar on a pizza slice. It still brings tears. And of course, a video that tells you how and why we slept on the floor for the first year in Canada. I think it was worth it.
I want to see you all succeed and Money should be taken out of the equation in our fight to win this battle.
Well, I want to help as many determined, forward-thinking individuals as possible and help them leverage this opportunity and achieve their full potential.
I believe that everyone deserves a chance to achieve their dream and live life to the fullest, without money being a hindrance.
Here is the course at a very special price.

You will learn

✓ This unique course is based on my mastermind alliance and mine life experiences, perspectives & observations.
✓ The Art and science of immigrant success is divided into Four Tires: 1. Mindset. 2. Methodology. 3. Skillset 4. Preparation.
✓ All four work together as four wheels of a car. One tire missing, you cannot reach your potential.
✓ The course will provide you a unique flavor of all the four tires with strong foundation on Mindset.
✓ You must have seen many immigrants fail to achieve success even after accumulating degrees. Why?
✓ The course will provide you a unique flavor of all the four with strong foundation on Mindset.
✓ (No Bookish theory). No B.S. techniques and secrets based on real life experience and observations.
✓ The Course and Book will put you on to Fast track to success and Increase the Probability of your Success.
✓ Go for the course to get the foundation right. Rest of the stuff like getting a job, growth, resume or cover letter, will be piece of cake.
✓ All to your success!
✓ Guide for Aspiring Immigrant- Digital copy of the Book is Free ($14 value) with the course to download.


• Be open-minded and willing to apply the success secrets and techniques. The secrets and techniques are the ART and Science of Immigrant success. These have helped many ultra-successful immigrants in the past. Let us get on the path to success whether it is your job, business or life and overcome the unique challenges that immigrants face in today’s society.

This course is for

• Anyone who is Moving to Canada or USA. A newcomer to Canada or USA. Anyone who is already in Canada or USA for many years.
• *I talk about Canada and USA because I have lived in both countries as an immigrant and build my career two times from scratch. I know the challenges and dynamics of settling down in these countries. The techniques and secrets in the course are universal, and they can be applied to any other country.
• An experienced professional building career again from scratch after moving to Canada, USA.
• An immigrant exploring career options e.g. Freelancing (gig).
• An immigrant exploring career growth.
• A new immigrant thinking of starting a small business in Canada, USA.
• A new immigrant looking for first ever job
• An international Student who is thinking of permanently living here.
• Many prospective immigrants/newcomers to Canada and USA think that getting the Visa (Canadian PR or USA work visa) is their only challenge.
• But your biggest challenge for moving to Canada, USA is to reach you potential. This is where 80% of immigrants fail.
• This course (with book) is subsidized to ensure everyone can afford it.
Investor, Author, Entrepreneur, Business and Technology Lead
After a 25-year journey to success, I have embarked on another fulfilling chapter of my life. On this new incredible journey, I help and transform millions who have either migrated to a new country or in the process of doing so.
I share the wealth of knowledge, experiences, perspectives accumulated through a roller coaster life in India, Canada, and the US. I saw lots of ups and downs, but every time I was very down, I came out winning and rose to heights I’d never witnessed in the past. The roller coast has been an incredible teacher for me, and I am thrilled to share what I’ve learned throughout my quest for success and peace of mind.
School of Hard knocks coupled with my education and experience has provided me a unique perspective that I wish to share to positively impact the lives of millions of new and established immigrants worldwide reach their true potential.
I am on a mission and truly believe a happy and thriving immigrant is great for the community, the country, and the economy.
I am an Investor and also working on a couple of high impact startup ideas of myself at present. Stay tuned.
In the past, my work (Business & Technology) included:
• Launched three divisions and multiple products from scratch for global organizations
• Maturity assessment – Technology, Business Process, and Master Data Governance
• Business Process – Definition, Standardization, and Improvement
• SAP EAM/O2C/P2P Consulting, Master Data Transformation, Business Process, Business Systems
• Technology – Owned and managed the new business system roadmap.
• Business System adoption – multi-site programs
Master Data Lifecycle-Create, Maintain, and Retire; Data access and Creation to consumption. Relationship of one field with others to weave one story
Start the journey to success with me
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 5h 57m
Language: English
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