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Architecture Fundamentals & Interior Design

Improve your Architectural Vocabulary with 200 Architectural Terms & Interior Terminology
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“Words builds Trust, make it a strong one, with powerful Architectural Vocabulary.”
“Testing your wings is important before flying, likewise, testing your knowledge is also important as learning new skills.”
Working as a professional Architect or Designer or Civil Engineer, the biggest problem you can face is describing your thoughts, designing idea, Architectural style & concepts in correct, accurate with amazing and exact words. Sometimes, you have the brilliant idea but you are unable to pass it on to your clients because you fail to express your designing thoughts, style to your client because you don’t remember the exact word at that moment or you have forgotten that words with time, maybe, after your graduation, or maybe, you have never learn it.
The concept and understanding of Architectural Terms is very much important in the construction Industry. This course is for those individuals who is studying Architecture/Civil Engineering or working in the Architectural/construction Companies and want to switch their job or a person who is preparing for interviews and various different selection examinations. If you are a fresher then you can make a great impression on your clients as well as your seniors in Industry.
This course will provide you 200 questions based on the Architecture Terms & Interior designing and help you to upgrade your knowledge and learn attracting keywords and improve your terminology. If you are an Architect or Interior Designer or Civil Engineer I will recommended you this course or anyone who wants to learn and master Architecture & Interior terms they can start learning and practicing by enrolling in this course. This course will test your knowledge and let you know where you are missing and need to improve.
” Here, in this course I will provide you 200 Architectural Terms with the help of practice test. If you even take one practice test a week, you will learn 50 Terms a week, and it will take only 4-5 weeks to learn all those 200 terms, by first exploring them through questions and then learning and applying in your work. ”
The idea behind designing the practice test instead of video course, is that, if I provide you this terms in slides with definition and explanation it will be boring like schools and you will forget it quick soon. But, if you go with the practice test, you will explore the situations where you have four options to select the correct answer, you will learn by discovering and solving the questions. It will develop your thinking skills and motivates you to find out something more like this and it will be great for you as an Architect or Interior Designer, to learn more about your field, get expertise in it by having a deep knowledge with amazing words. You can also pause the test, search in the books or google it to know more at the same time while you were taking the test and by doing so you will remember what you have learn. This practice test course is not design to get good grades but this is to develop your literacy, the Architectural Literacy, and it will help you a lot.
I welcome you in this course Architecture Fundamentals & Interior Design and definitely you will have great time while practicing this questions.

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This course is for

• Take this course if you are master of Architectural Terms or you want to master it.
• Take this course if you are working in Architecture or Construction Industry.
• Take this course if you are Civil Engineer or Architect or Interior Designer.
• Take this course if you are interested in Architecture and designing.
• Take this course if you want to learn something new.
Sourabh Jain is an Online Instructor and Content Creator.
During their schooling and college time they had learned so many different skills (by either attending seminars, workshops or training but especially reading and learning from books) and now they were sharing those skills with the world, in different way ( may be self-pace video course or practice test, most of the times) so that all the students worldwide can take benefit from by learning and practice questions based on the skillset which students had learn, to have a perfect touch with knowledge and learning.
He believes if you know any good skills and if you are able to share those skills & knowledge with others, than you have to share it with others. That’s the reason behind why they had published different courses on Udemy. They love to share their knowledge with you and definitely you will learn and develop/improve skills from the courses.
He had a positive attitude towards life and learning new skills and gaining knowledge from different mediums is their first priority and that’s amazing; and sharing it with other peoples is much more exciting. Their course will allow you to learn, practice and master your knowledge. It will help you in improving and mastering the skills and let you prepare for the interviews and examinations with confidence and revising the content in a very amazing way.
Recently, he had started working on YouTube channel , if you wish to connect with them personally and want to learn something more from them in future from their upcoming videos and online courses then you can just go and subscribe their YouTube channel for now to receive updates.
Their courses will work as a mind refreshment and help you to quickly revise everything you have learn before.
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Platform: Udemy
Language: English
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