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Arabic Language Level 1: Speak Standard Arabic for Beginners

Learn Arabic grammar, understand the structure of the Arabic language and speak Standard Arabic fluently and easily!
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Arabic is a language spoken in more than 25 countries, so it contains several dialects: the dialect of Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq, Syria, etc.

However, there is standard Arabic that is spoken and understood in all Arab countries. This is the same Arabic used in television, newspapers, magazines, schools, universities, etc.

When someone decides to learn Arabic, they usually find themselves in this dilemma: learn standard Arabic or dialect? Which dialect: from Egypt, Syria, Iraq?

The answer is that you must learn standard Arabic which will allow you to speak and be understood anywhere in the Arab world and by any Arabic speaker. After you learn standard Arabic, you can then learn any dialect, and it will be even easier!

That’s why I prepared this Arabic Language Level 1: Speak Standard Arabic for Beginners that will give you all the tools to start your Arabic learning.

This course takes you from the beginner to the first level of standard Arabic, where you can talk about your daily life, describe your surroundings, understand some verses of the Quran, etc.

The precondition for taking this course is that you must know how to read and write Arabic, because in this course I do not teach how to read or write Arabic, but to speak and understand what you read.

You will learn

✓ Arabic grammar for absolute beginners
✓ The structure of the Arabic language that allows you to “think” in Arabic
✓ How to read Arabic without any vowels
✓ How to speak Standard Arabic


• Being able to read and write Arabic is a must to take this course
• This course teaches you how to speak, it does not teach you how to read and write Arabic

This course is for

• Students who want to learn how to speak standard Arabic fluently.
• Students who want to master Arabic grammar
• Studens who want to learn Arabic to understand Quran (Koran) directly in Arabic, without depending on translation
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 18h 16m
Language: English
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