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An Introduction To VHDL

A basic guide to learning the fundamentals of VHDL design
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An Introduction To VHDL is an introductory course that presents a set of simple and commonly used features of the VHDL language, so that students can begin writing models of digital logic circuits in VHDL. Numerous examples are included, that explain the different formulations of the language constructs and their semantics.
Topics include:
•Basic Language elements
•Behavioral modeling
•Dataflow modeling
•Structural modeling
•Standard packages and libraries used in VHDL
•Writing testbenches for testing functionality of VHDL designs
•Model simulation
•Hardware modeling examples
An Introduction To VHDL provides a great beginner level introduction to the VHDL language, that can be understood both by digital logic design enthusiasts, as well as electrical engineers and those interested in learning VHDL language to broaden their knowledge of the digital world.

You will learn

✓ How to design different circuits and functions using VHDL
✓ Understand and interpret other VHDL code and describe what functionality it is performing
✓ Learn about different design structures & styles that can be used when coding in VHDL
✓ Learn how to implement a test bench to test your VHDL designs
✓ Learn how to run a simulation in order to provide stimulus to your designs to test and verify functionality
✓ Examples on how to design several different circuits using VHDL from beginning to end
✓ ((Bonus)) The basic FPGA development flow used for VHDL designs & tools used for implementing VHDL designs


• Basic knowledge of Logic Design & Logic Gates
• Xilinx Vivado Tool Suite used for running simulations (Download link will be provided in course)
• Basic knowledge of how to use a computer, install programs, unzip files and edit files

This course is for

• Students who want to learn about VHDL
• Students who want to learn how to design digital circuits
• Students who want to learn how to test the functionality of digital circuits using a simulator
• Students studying Digital Design or Electrical Engineering
Electronics – Digital Design – VHDL – FPGA
Hello, and welcome to 10X Training Technologies – a specialized technology training company in the engineering and design fields.  Your instructor JR is an Electrical Engineer with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.  His specialties include: digital electronics, VHDL, FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) & ASIC design, as well as circuit board design.   He also has various papers published in the IEEE on digital circuit design.  His hobbies include robotics, digital systems, mobile firmware development, as well as computer systems architecture.  He is eager to teach his knowledge to those who are enthusiastic and want to learn about digital design!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 52m
Language: English
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