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An Extraordinary Employee

All strategies and techniques you need to know to excel at your job.
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The biggest portion of our workforce works as an “employee” in various organizations. But we don’t have a structured master-course online on how to become an “Extraordinary Employee” for their organization.

Over the period of time, this course will guide you how to become a great employee of your organization i.e. the Employee that produces great results for the organization and grows his/her own career as well.

Employees are the biggest assets of any organization…
They come to office at 8 or 9 AM, sit on their workstation all day, with small breaks, and works the whole day till 5 or 6 PM in the evening.
Many, willing or not, have to stay even late at workplace for completing their work.

Some of the employees in the organization you are working are highly productive…
They get easily noted by Top Management and are elevated for more senior position and challenging job roles…. They also get great perks and packages !!!

One the other hand, some employees are non-productive and stays at lower positions … They have low increments and most of them are eventually fired …

But my concern in this course is not with these two types of employees …. Because they are treated as they deserve.

My concern in this course is with the other two types of employees, who
1) Performs well, but remains unnoticed in the organization
2) The employee who want to grow, excel and contribute, but
      > They either don’t know how to do it…
      > They know they should do great things but they are stuck…. They don’t know where to start …. What actions to take.

They are stuck in the pit ….. They lack knowledge and strategies to grow in the organization in order to
      > Contribute more,
      > to work more effectively and efficiently, and
      > to make successful careers…

If you are such a person, and want to grow in your organization and built up a career there…. I can help you grow in your organization with this course.

Welcome to the exclusive course “An Extraordinary Employee” , in which you will learn:
1) how to work effectively and efficiently at your workplace…
2) How to increase your performance and productivity…
3) How to work with and influence your team members and your Line Manager and Departmental heads.
4) How to Progress your career ….. AND A LOT MORE…

If you attend this course, follow the strategies I will teach, you will become more productive, well organized, and a good team player….

Well there is one thing I want to tell you ….

This is an ongoing course…..

It means that I will keep adding new sections, video exercises, and techniques that will help you achieve your objectives at workplace….

In every lecture of the course you will find a strategy to work on and implement to gain success….

So let’s get enrolled and start the journey of becoming “An Extraordinary Employee” ……

Rameez Ahmed

You will learn

✓ The course of for all employees working in various business organizations
✓ The Course aims to make an extra-ordinary employee so that you can contribute and simultaneously grow in your organization.
✓ The course aims to improve your performance at workplace so that you can become an important part of the organization.


• There are NO prerequisites or requirements to take this course.
• You should just be working in an organization in any job role to implement the strategies and techniques states in this course to maximize your growth, performance and contribution in the organization.

This course is for

• Anyone who is working as an employee in any type of business organization.
Performance Coach and a Copywriter
Hi, I am Rameez…
I want you to improve your Performance and Productivity in your Life’s Task …
You only live once …. They why not live your life by becoming a World Class Performer in what you are doing ??? Why not contribute the maximum to your field and your passions ???
You can only become a World Class Performer if you follow certain principles, strategies and techniques… By following them, you can unleash your true potential to the world …. And for this, I am here to help you …
I have a decade of experience in the corporate world and can equip you with techniques and strategies to excel in your career and workplace.

Thanks !
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 41m
Language: English
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