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Bits 101: Horsemanship Course for Happy Horses

Learn all about Bitless bridles, the history of bits, how bits work & more in this online course for horse riders.
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Have you ever wondered which bit is the right bit for your horse?
Do you feel confused and lost when it comes to bits and bitless bridles and don’t understand how they work or what’s the point of it all?
Then this is the course for you!
In this easy introductory course we dive into bits and bitless bridles to help you be able to determine which is the right bit for your horse.

In this course you will learn:
•The History of Bits and how that affects us
•How to choose a bit for a young / green horse
•How to determine the basic function of a bit just by looking at it, even if you don’t know the name of that bit!
•Quick Reference Training diagnosis for “horse problems”
•Some important tips about bit-less bridles and how they work
•Which is better: Bitless or with a bit?
What this course is NOT:
•This course will NOT tell you the names of every bit in the universe. There’s google for that.
•This course will NOT talk about every bit in the universe… because seriously, guys you don’t need to know all of them.
What this course IS:
•A helpful tool to teach you how to examine and assess bits for yourself. We want you to pick up a random bit in a shop and be able to determine what it does and whether or not that is useful for you.
This course is blunt and to the point. We don’t hold back when it comes to sharing the truth behind bits. This course will do better for those with an open mind that are ready and willing to learn.

Meet your Coach:
Krystal Kelly is the only Certified FEI II Showjumping and Dressage coach from the USA. She has worked in over 20+ countries with horses including Belgium, Egypt, India, Romania, Zambia, Greece, Slovenia, Brazil and countless others. She’s coached thousands of students on how to successfully communicate with their horses in their language and become better riders in all disciplines. Krystal is also a polo player, endurance rider and horse trainer. She’s worked on 5 continents with horses over the past 15 years and is excited to be talking about bits in this online course for horse riders.

You will learn

✓ How bits function
✓ History of bits
✓ Bit diagnosis for your horse (I.E. What bit is the right bit for my horse?)
✓ Bitless bridles and how they work


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This course is for

• Beginners interested in learning more about how bits function and what bit to choose for their horse
• Beginners interested in bitless bridles and how they work
FEI II Show Jumping Coach & Best Selling Author
Krystal Kelly is an FEI II Certified Show Jumping Coach, an award winning videographer, a best-selling author, and has been featured in countless podcasts, Magazine and even several Amazon Prime Series and tv specials. (HGTV)
Originally from California, Krystal left the USA in 2010 to pursue her career as a top show jumping rider, trainer and coach. She is the only certified FEI II coach from the USA and has worked with horses on 5 different continents and in more than 20+ countries. She is passionate about helping riders of all disciplines be the best riders, coaches and trainers they can be for their horses.
To learn more about her online courses and coaching programs such as her popular Guided Audio Riding Lessons, check out her website.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 1m
Language: English
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