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Airbnb Superhost: How to level up your hosting status

How to increase bookings and exposure by becoming an Airbnb superhost
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Airbnb – a platform of profitability
In his book Zero to One, Peter Thiel discusses the notion of unlocked secrets.  Uber unlocked the secret of unused seats in a car.  Airbnb unlocked the secret of unused rooms in a home.  It goes without saying that Airbnb can make even the most casual host some kind of money.
But for those who want to earn real money, and move the Airbnb income from something that simply covers the grocery bill to something that might cover the rent or mortgage, you need to become a Superhost.  Thankfully, you don’t need to buy anything from Airbnb in order to obtain this status, and you could obtain the knowledge by reading a lot of blogs and the old trial-and-error method on your own…or you could learn from someone who has gone before you, obtained and maintained Superhost status, and put together a course on just how to do that.
After taking this course you will:
•Understand the fundamentals of hosting – not just what Airbnb expects, but what guests expect.
•Be fully briefed on how to set up your listing, including *must have* professional photography and how to obtain that on spec from Airbnb.
•Possess an insider strategy to get your place positively reviewed rapidly so that you can start scoring high on Airbnb’s algorithm.
•Have a basic outline for an info sheet on your property, neighborhood, and city that will wow your guests.
•Know how to create a turnover process that ensures your place is spotless, which is probably the single most important thing to Airbnb guests.
•Appreciate the importance of genuine, friendly, and prompt interaction with your guests, before, during, and after their stay.
•Know what the Superhost metrics are, how to obtain them and how to maintain them.
•Better manage the calendar and not fall prey to the short term thinking of one-night stays or two-month bookings.
•Have strategies to manage burnout and the development of an entitlement mentality.
Superhost Matters
Superhost isn’t just a title.  It’s a filter guests can use when checking for listings in a location.  Out of all the hosts on the platform, we are fewer than 10%.  We command higher prices, get better guests, and have special perks from Airbnb not available to the general public.  While it’s a side hustle for many of us, some have gone on to make it not just a sustainable business, but one that has created great wealth.  Find out how to get on that road inside this course!

You will learn

✓ Why being a superhost matters
✓ How to obtain risk free professional photography services and why you need to use professional photography
✓ How to hit the ground running with early guest reviews
✓ Tips and strategies to increase positive reviews (while complying with the terms of service)
✓ The best way to deliver relevant information to your guests (and automate it)
✓ Recommendations on the kind of information you should provide to guests, and how being an expert on your area pays off
✓ Tips for relevant policies (and what to include) that can help you level up and maximize your return for the level of effort
✓ Cautionary information about hidden costs of Airbnb hosting and how to minimize them
✓ Why airbnb shouldn’t be treated as “passive income” and how this and other mindsets can undermine your superhost goals
✓ Strategies for maintaining your review ratio to meet airbnb’s minimum thresholds for superhosts
✓ How to communicate with your guests in the “superhost way”
✓ Tips for making sure that you’re always staying relevant and keeping your finger on the pulse – both within the communities and with your guests


• There are no prerequisites apart from being able to understand English and be willing to do what it takes to obtain and maintain superhost status

This course is for

• Airbnb hosts who wish to level up their hosting game
• Current superhosts who may be struggling to maintain superhost status
• Persons interested in becoming an Airbnb host, want to hit the ground running, and want to be on the “fast track” for superhost status
• Airbnb guests who wish to know what to expect from a superhost may also find this course relevant
Writer, Entrepreneur, and Coach
Stephen has been teaching, in one form or another, for over 20 years.  He had a teaching internship right out of high school, went on to become a teacher at every level from grade school to grad school, and even built a tutoring company over a decade which he then sold before moving to Europe to begin a new stage in his life.
That new stage still involves teaching, but at a more granular level.  He teaches about immigration, which he knows first-hand from having been an immigrant twice in his life, once with a citizenship, and once without.  He teaches about business, which he knows firsthand by having built successful companies in two different countries.  He also teaches about different streams of income you might develop, because while you might want to immigrate somewhere or start a business in your backyard, you’ll still need to make some money while that business is getting up and running.  He only teaches what he knows from firsthand experience.  He shares what has been successful and what mistakes you should avoid.
He got inspired to teach on Udemy because he saw the potential to reach many more people than the few he was helping (though successfully) in individual consultations, and also because it was yet one more challenge to learn from and share with others.
At heart, he’s an adventurer, always willing to try things.  He’s gone solo sky diving, hot air ballooning, and dived the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and quiet caves on Florida’s Gulf Coast.  Stephen was born in Singapore, and has never lost Singaporeans’ adventuresome spirit…towards food! :-)
The fine print: Stephen holds a BA in Literature from Rockhurst University, with minors in Catholic Studies and Business, as well as an MBA from Saint Louis University.  He’s lived in six different countries on three different continents and loves to travel to learn more about the world, but considers his forever home to be France, and in particular, Paris.  Once upon a time he also served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve.
Stephen does not do professional videography, and has as his producer and videographer for all his courses, the one and only Dan Fox.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 44m
Language: English
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