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Affinity Designer Essentials: From Beginner to Advanced

This Affinity Designer Essentials Course Will Teach You Solid Foundations For Beginner to Intermediate Users
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 34m
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Hey there how’s it going and welcome to the Affinity Designer course. My name is David, I’m a YouTuber primarily in the finance and design industry and together we’re going to go through this course and learn all the ins and outs of Affinity Designer and make some great artwork.
During the course, we won’t just focus on using tools we’ll go through 4 real-world projects together as well as various examples that you can follow along with.
This course is aimed at people who are completely new to Affinity Designer and maybe design applications in general. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything for you intermediate users, we’ll also cover the basics of some more advanced and practical topics all step by step. We’ll slowly start with the basics and increase the speed in which we learn throughout the course as we build on prior knowledge.
We’ll create complex shapes, use that pesky pen tool. Explore repeating patterns, using, and creating custom brushes. We’ll talk about color resources, icons. We’ll even create cartoon images and isometric designs from scratch and much much more.
So if you’ve never used Affinity Designer or you’ve struggled in the past, follow me and we’ll learn all the skills, and make some great artwork on the way.

You will learn

✓ How to use Affinity Designer to create your own professional graphics
✓ How to use all the important tools like the pen, pencil, image brushes, pixel brushes, the color tool and more
✓ Understand and use the interface
✓ Save and export files for any purpose
✓ Speed up productivity and workflow
✓ Create cartoon images from scratch
✓ Create a basic ribbon quickly
✓ Create emojis from scratch
✓ Create complex shapes for any artwork
✓ Create your own custom icons from scratch
✓ Create pixel brushes from scratch
✓ Create a smoke effect from scratch
✓ Fill any shapes with color and strokes


• PC or Mac
• Updated Copy of Affinity Designer
• Basic knowledge of design applications is preferred but certainly not required

This course is for

• This course is for people who may be completely new to Affinity Designer or design applications in general.
• This is an essentials course so we will start with the basics and get more advanced as we build on prior knowledge.
• If you are completely new or have struggled in the past with Affinity Designer this course is perfect for you.
Creator at YouTube
My name is David Eaves I have been a creator on YouTube in the financial space for around 2 years now, and I have been a day trader and swing trader for closer to 5 years. I generally spend most of my time focused on financial markets for the purpose of trading and creating content for YouTube and courses on sites like Udemy.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 34m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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