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Advanced Upwork Profiles: Craft a Magnetic Profile Today!

How to Build an SEO Optimized Client Attraction Upwork Profile So You Get Found, Gets Invites, and Get Hired Fast!
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Do you send highly-targeted freelance proposals but clients don’t respond? Do you follow best practices but get skipped every time? Do you suspect your Upwork profile is the problem but you’re not quite sure what to change? If that’s you, then this course might help!
Advanced Upwork Profiles is designed to help you overhaul your Upwork profile for improved results. In this step-by-step walk through I’ll show you common mistakes freelancers make, and how to fix them. All of this is based on personal experience, and what has worked best for me to grow two full-time freelance incomes on Upwork.
Get Optimized to Show Up In Search Results Before clients can hire you they have to find you. If you don’t show up on the first page of Upwork or Google search results, you probably won’t get interviewed. The good news is, I’ve got a proven system to fix that. Not only can you show up at the top of search results, you can get there in as little as 1-5 days for free, and numerous students have achieved this.
Stand Out From Other Freelancers Just showing up isn’t enough to make clients contact you. Instead, you have to PROVE how you’re different and why that makes you the best person for the job. In this course I’ll show you how I do that so you can do it too. When you make these changes, you’ll stand out like an exploding star in the dead of night!
Form a Consistent Personal Brand Branding is a factor almost no freelancer considers. But it matters…a lot. Not only does branding make your profile look more consistent and professional, it shows clients you care enough to put in the effort to form a brand. Question is, how do you do it? In this course I’ll show you how to brand your name to their forehead with a cattle prod so they remember you for life!
What Will You Learn? Even when you send cover letters, clients still see your profile first. So in this course we’ll clean it up, optimize it for SEO and conversions, make it look professional, consistent and branded, and use every trick in the book to get clients to contact you RIGHT NOW! We’ll do all of this while playing by the rules, and you can do this EVEN IF you’re brand new to Upwork!
Inside you will discover:
•How to SEO Optimize every aspect of your Upwork profile even if it’s blank right now
•How to show up at the top of search results in a week even if you don’t show up at all
•How to attract clients and get them to read your profile without sending proposals
•How to say the exact right words clients want to read even if you’re not a copywriter
•How to create a consistent brand that clients remember even if you’re not a designer
So What Are You Going to Do? You’ve read the description. You know if you need this course. When you PROPERLY apply what you learn here, you can get found and get amazing results. But results start with action. They don’t happen automatically. The choice to change your life always starts with Y.O.U.
If you’re ready for that change, then scroll up and enroll in this course now!

Q – Can I do this even if my Upwork profile is blank?
A – Yes, it doesn’t matter what’s in your profile right now.
Q – Can I really reach the top of Upwork and Google search results?
A – Yes, and you can even do it within 1-2 weeks just as many other students have.
Q – Will this course make more clients hire me?
A – Your profile supports you getting hired by proving to clients why you’re right for the job.
Q – What if I don’t have a personal brand?
A –  It’s all good. I’ll show you how to start forming one.
Q – Can this course really help me stand out from other freelancers?
A – Yes! When you properly apply what you learn in this course your profile can be 10X better than the next guy!
If you have any other questions, you’re welcome to ask them inside. I always respond fast, and thoughtfully. If that’s what you need, then go ahead and put yourself in this course now!
Super Villain Leader,
Lex DeVille

You will learn

✓ Discover How to Craft an Profile that Attracts Clients Like Needles to Magnets
✓ Learn to Optimize Your Upwork Profile for SEO to Rank High in Search Results
✓ Avoid the Biggest Death Sentence Profile Mistakes Freelancers Make Every Day
✓ Reveal Secret Insider Tips that Help You Stand Out Like a Midnight Bonfire in Kansas
✓ Discover Ways to Transform Your Profile into a High-Ticket Client Attraction Sales Machine!


• You should bring a positive mental attitude and a willingness to try new things.
• You should want to craft a profile that will stomp your competitors into the ground.
• You should want to write an SEO optimized bio that helps you get found fast.
• You should desire to attract high-paying clients who are super easy to work with.

This course is for

• This course is primarily for Upwork freelancers, but can apply to other platforms too.
• This course is for anyone whose Upwork profile isn’t serving them with clients.
• It is for anyone on Upwork who wants to attract the highest paying clients easily.
• It is for anyone on Upwork who wants to AVOID bombshell disaster clients who waste your time.
Escape Corporate Prison & Build a Freelance Empire!
Hi there, I’m Lex DeVille and you probably shouldn’t join my courses. I’m a terrible role model despite holding a BA and an MA in Psychology. Plus, I play with the devil’s tools – NLP, hypnotherapy, influence, persuasion, and knives. Yes, I practically cheated my way to a full-time freelance income multiple times, all of which were documented in detail, but hey, it’s not like there was a “no skipping the line” sign hanging on Upwork’s door.The real reason you shouldn’t join my courses is because I must suck at freelancing otherwise I wouldn’t teach. I mean, yeah, my Upwork profile is ranked in the #1 search position across like 10 to 20 search terms worldwide right now, and yeah, I boosted my Upwork earnings from $20k+ to nearly $40k+ over the last month or so, and sure, my last client was an international celebrity and the client before that was paying $10k+ per month for copywriting services, and I’ve been invited to over 100 Upwork gigs in the past month which anyone can see by viewing my profile from a client account…Okay, so I have over 200 pages of 5-star Udemy reviews, and over 10,000 freelance subscribers on YouTube, and sure, you probably aren’t that familiar with the places I’ve been featured, like The Fastlane Forum, MilitarySpouse, NextGenMilSpouse, Ash Ambirge’s Unf*ckwithable Girlfriends, Kyle Keegan Radio Show, The Joplin Globe, iNLP and others, but that’s because I don’t spend my time pitching Forbes, Huff Post, or Entrepreneur. I only show up when people invite me.I mean, basically, all I’ve done was started multiple Upwork accounts from scratch and grew them into full-time incomes in a month, and then branched out into clients beyond Upwork, but that’s practically nothing. I mean, yeah, there’s the part where I’ve trained over 14,000 people, and a bunch of those people went on to earn full-time incomes as freelancers, and several reported breaching the six-figure mark, including some who only watched my free training videos…But I digress, I’m moody, sinister, and don’t play fair. I’m not a good guy and never claimed to be. I legally changed my name to Lex DeVille for a reason. Look, you can judge, you can hate, you can go green with envy, but what I teach gets results, and while it’s possible you might uncover some of the same ideas if you scour the internet long enough, you can spend $10 with me and get a lot of good info laid out in one place in an easy to consume course and you can join a community of people who get results every single day.But if you’re the kind of person who thinks you deserve freelance clients just because you exist, well, you probably won’t like my courses because I teach people to be valuable, help clients, and approach freelancing like entrepreneurs instead of employees. Most people don’t like that because it’s hard work and they want handouts. You won’t find any handouts here. Instead, I tell you what has worked for me in the past and what is working for me now. It’s up to you to put it to use, get results, and change your life. See you inside.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 7m
Language: English
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