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Advanced Level Acupressure – Organs and Viscera in TCM

Learn the concepts behind organs and viscera in TCM, how their deficiencies manifest, and how to intervene.
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This digital course certifies you as a Acupressure pratictioner, advanced level, Organs and Viscera in TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as any other live course.
The course is accredited by IAOTH (International Association of Therapists) that will ensure the international recognition of the certification.

The acupressure is a very ancient discipline that originated in ancient China, basically it is the energetic rebalance of the body through the pressure on specific points on the body.
These points, known as “Tsubo”, are energy centers located in the body, and they are the points of the modern acupuncture.
The effectiveness of the pressure on the acupuncture points is officially recognized even by modern science, so much that in order to become an acupuncturist is required first of all to be a physician, and then to specialize.
With acupressure, no needles are needed, the only thing required is pressure and/or digital pressure.
So, it doesn’t have the side-effects of needles employment.
You will learn to untangle the mind and body imbalances by understanding how Organs and Viscera work in TMC.
You will know how to intervene on the body meridians and the points responsible for different functions.
You will be able to integrate these techniques into shiatsu or any type of massage you prefer.
So, you will be able to use this class both for yourself and for your loved ones, and use the knowledges you will learn in order to improve your health and, in particular, for prevention, or to start your own acupressure business, that you will supplement with the next classes about it, or to support to your already existing holistic activity.
Or both of them.
Acupressure can be easily integrated with any other holistic method you are already using.

Are you ready to enter the fascinating world of Traditional Chinese Medicine and discover the great wisdom behind it?
Are you ready to learn a highly effective method for restoring and maintaining good physical, emotional and spiritual health?
Are you ready to enter the world of acupressure?

You will learn

✓ You will learn all the organs and viscera of the TCM and their related functions.
✓ You will diagnose any potential energy imbalance in the organs in agreement with the TCM.
✓ You will learn essential points to rebalance organs and viscera.
✓ You will have an effective tool to treat different disorders


• Attending the basic and the intermediate level acupressure courses (you can find them among my courses)

This course is for

• Anyone who wants to enrich their curriculum of holistic practices
• Anyone wishing to learn techniques for the cure and protection of their health
• Anyone who works as a massage therapist of any kind
• Anyone working in the field of holistic and natural medicine
• Anyone working in the field of energy medicine, such as Reiki, pranotherapy, etc..
• Anyone who is curious to learn the secrets of our body
• Anyone who wants to have a tool with enormous effectiveness and proven validity
Operatore olistico
Ciao a tutti,
mi chiamo Berardino Nardella, sono nato a Milano il 12 ottobre 1977.
Sono un operatore shiatsu dal 2002, la mia prima attività olistica che mi ha aperto le porte al mondo delle discipline olistiche e spirituali.
Fin dalla giovinezza sono alla ricerca delle risposte alle domande che fin dagli albori assillano l’umanità, quali chi siamo, da dove veniamo e dove stiamo andando.
Cosa che mi ha portato a studiare le religioni e le filosofie del mondo, nonché i miti e le leggende della cultura mondiale.
La mia ricerca spirituale mi ha portato a confrontarmi con tante diverse pratiche e realtà.
Ho studiato i meccanismi della nostra mente umana e i meccanismi dell’energia invisibile che ci circonda.
Ho frequentato tantissimi corsi, sia in presenza che online, sia italiani che in lingua inglese.
Ho quindi conosciuto tante discipline diverse che hanno arricchito le mie capacità e le mie conoscenze e che ti metto a disposizione nei miei corsi.
Ho moltissimi studenti, come puoi vedere, a cui tengo molto e con cui si è creato un bellissimo rapporto, seppur virtuale.
Loro mi chiamano affettuosamente maestro.
Ma il vero maestro è dentro di te che stai leggendo e dentro ognuno di loro, io sono solo un riflesso dell’enorme specchio che riflette la tua e la loro grandiosità, la tua e la loro vera essenza spirituale divina.

Hello to you all,
My name is Berardino Nardella, I was born in Milan on October 12, 1977.
I am a Shiatsu practitioner since 2002, my first holistic activity that opened me the doors to the world of holistic and spiritual disciplines.
Since my youth I have been searching for the answers to the questions that have plagued humanity since the dawn of time, who we are, where we come from and where we are going.
Which led me to study the world’s religions and philosophies, as well as the myths and legends of world culture.
My spiritual research led me to deal with many different practices and realities.
I have studied the mechanisms of our human mind and the mechanisms of the invisible energy that surrounds us.
I have attended many courses, both in presence and online, both Italian and English.I have therefore known many different disciplines that have enriched my skills and knowledge and that I make available to you in my courses.I have a lot of students, as you can see, who I really care about and with whom I have created a beautiful, albeit virtual, relationship.They call me affectionately master.But the true master is within you that you are reading and within each of them, I am only a reflection of the enormous mirror that reflects yours and theirs grandeur, yours and theirs true divine spiritual essence.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 0m
Language: English
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