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Advanced Google Ads / AdWords Training – Updated for 2021

A hands on course exploring Google Ads techniques developed over 10 years. Module based & concise + Free eBook included!
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Table of contents


** Last Update – August 2021 **
A top rated Google Ads course dedicated to teaching advanced strategies & practice!   
17 Sections, 68 videos and over 6 hours worth of advanced Google Ads training.   From the theory all the way through to hands on practice, take your Google Ads skills to the next level.
Course Overview:
The course is designed for Google Ads (Google AdWords) practitioners that already have basic knowledge in setting up and running AdWords accounts.  The course explores advanced techniques and ideas that I have picked up and developed over 11 years running Google Ads campaigns for small to large scale clients.  
I explain the idea behind each technique and I give you ideas and example cases on how I have used it.  I then show you how to set it up step by step inside Google Ads.  We also look at how to interpret results and how to apply it to your own campaigns, we look at real data and actual results.  
I’ve also now included access to a propriety Google Ads analysis tool that I’ve built which using ML and regression modelling to help you analyze, predict & forecast performance in your Google Ads account
What Students Are saying:
Dayne Frew (July, 2021) wrote:
“Learnt a heap of new skills for running Ads. Great course, highly recommend.”
Jordan Meyers (July, 2021) wrote:
“Thank you so much for the course. The course is straightforward and to the point. There’s not a lot of fluff. Everything is practical as far as advice. It isn’t for novices, which I like. It is really hard to find any SEM courses that doesn’t cater to an introductory level. I usually have to look at Udemy for this because LinkedIn Learning is usually very beginner level. Even then, I find that a lot of courses just cover the basics with a few intermediary modules. This course gives users suggestions they might not have thought of or noticed. Appreciate the insights.”
Maryanne Evans (October, 2020) wrote:
“Yes. It’s advertised correctly and absolutely perfect! Love it so far. Certainly will buy more courses from Mark Meyerson.”
Nick McHugh (October, 2020) wrote:
“Great course, well paced with good resources to back up the lecture content.”
Tyler Howard (September, 2020) wrote:
“Very good content and instructor, the advanced knowledge in here definitely surpasses the trying offered in Google Skillshop. Excited to put the scripts into practice on some of my ad accounts”
Josh (September 2020) wrote: 
“Great course! Gets into specific examples and responds to questions promptly”
Ashleigh Effinger (August, 2020) wrote:
“Mark and his course are “the truth” no fluff! 98% of the competition is definitely NOT employing more than 2 or 3 of these advanced strategies let alone ALL of them! This course has far EXCEEDED my expectations! I have been looking EVERYWHERE for REAL advanced Google Ads strategies that are current and I found a very short detailed eBook with a few very solid strategies. I was so impressed that I reached out to Mark personally via email and that lead me here to his course packed with even more advanced strategies! Take this course it is worth it’s weight in gold!”
Laura Manenti (August 2020) wrote:
“Really useful, clear and something handy to easily put in practice. I liked also that you were showing in practice how to apply the concepts explained.”
Malvika Jain (29th March, 2020) wrote:
“Excellent course. I was using Adwords in-depth 2013-15 and now wanted to get back to it. Seemed a herculean task but the pace and depth of this course was perfect at 2x speed. Looking fwd to trying many of the things mentioned here, and trying other courses by this instructor. The GA part was great.”
Erdjan Remziev (29th Jan, 2020) wrote:
“He absolutely amazed me by the knowledge he has. I expected that course to be ” The usual HOW TO ” But its actually exceed my expectations by showing us really superior statistics A/B testings, labeling & etc… You will explore a lot of advanced secrets even if you’ve been handling ads for a long time, like me. Thank that’s really advanced course.”

More About the Course:
The course covers specialised Ad reports like the organic & paid interaction report, remarketing strategy, machine learning functionality, competitor research, Google Analytics and so much more.
Another module contains a free Google Sheets template which automates budget tracking for multiple accounts.  Simply connect to Google Analytics and track multiple budgets, never log in again to multiple Ad accounts.  It is also gives results as to spend per day to meet monthly planned budgets.
I’ve also included a 30 minute Google Ads Audit, which takes you through step-by-step inside Google Ads from an account level to an AdGroup level all kinds of key issues that often I have found occurring inside accounts.  I have completed 100’s of Audits, I use this experience to show you common pitfalls and things you should be looking for.  
The course is module based and not run to a particular order, so you can choose a module or technique that seems useful to you, learn about it and apply it to your own practice.  All the techniques taught can be applied to almost any AdWords account, they have been chosen for their practicality and usefulness.  I will also be adding more modules into the course with time as I record them.  I hope you enjoy the courses!

You will learn

✓ Google Ads Campaign Experiments: Best Use Cases, Step-by-Step Setup, Analysis, Implementation
✓ Access Google Ads tools for forecasting performance
✓ Budget Optimisation techniques using regression formula
✓ Advanced Concept Testing: moving beyond A/B ad testing to testing concepts
✓ Improving Geotargeting for Local Businesses With A Double Campaign Structure
✓ How To Setup, Run, Pivot & Interpret the Paid & Organic Report
✓ Make A Strong Argument For Running Branded Ads Using the Paid & Organic Report
✓ Identify Opportunities Between Organic & Paid Listings
✓ Learn to use a free Google Sheets template for automating and tracking budgets in multiple ad accounts
✓ How to find the key pitfalls in any Google Ads account
✓ How to Audit a new or existing Google Ads account and find issues to improve upon quickly
✓ Utilise Dynamic Ad Customisers for more personalised ads
✓ Understand the power of using Google Analytics with Google Ads and be familiar with Audience setup and relevant Google Ads reports in GA
✓ Understand attribution models and why the default last click is not always ideal
✓ Implement Machine Learning features within Google Ads to benefit your account in ways that human optimisation could never reach
✓ Develop a multi-funnel remarketing strategy for GDN and search campaign


• Able to setup your own Google Ads account
• Be confident navigating Google Ads accounts
• Basic exposure to excel filtering & pivot tables

This course is for

• Google Ads users looking to advance their knowledge

How much does the Advanced Google Ads / AdWords Training - Updated for 2021 course cost? Is it worth it?

The course costs $17.99. And currently there is a 82% discount on the original price of the course, which was $99.99. So you save $82 if you enroll the course now.
The average price is $17.8 of 101 Google Ads (Adwords) courses. So this course is 1024% more expensive than the average Google Ads (Adwords) course on Udemy.

Does the Advanced Google Ads / AdWords Training - Updated for 2021 course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, Advanced Google Ads / AdWords Training – Updated for 2021 has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

Currently we could not find a scholarship for the Advanced Google Ads / AdWords Training - Updated for 2021 course, but there is a $82 discount from the original price ($99.99). So the current price is just $17.99.

Who is the instructor? Is Mark Meyerson a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

Mark Meyerson has created 5 courses that got 1,028 reviews which are generally positive. Mark Meyerson has taught 7,449 students and received a 4.2 average review out of 1,028 reviews. Depending on the information available, Mark Meyerson is a TRUSTED instructor.
Senior Marketing Specialist
12+ years of experience in the marketing industry, specializing in Paid Search & Analytics.  Mark is a Director and the head of Search Marketing at One Egg Digital.

Mark’s main interests and skills are:

– Running OED, a boutique digital marketing agency.

– Marketing strategy & execution consultation for major brands.

– Advanced paid advertising tactics

– Building eComm and affiliate businesses.

– Analytics and machine learning for enhancing marketing output


CourseMarks Score®







Platform: Udemy
Price: $17.99
Video: 5h 50m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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