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Automation Framework-Selenium,Java,Cucumber,TestNg & Jenkins

Build an Automation test Framework from scratch using Selenium WebDriver, Cucumber, testNg, Jenkins, Java & Git
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Learn to develop E2E Test Automation Suite with Cucumber BDD, TestNG, Java, Page Factory Model.
Integrate Test Automation Framework with Continuous Integration Tools like Jenkins and GITHUB
The course covers almost all the essentials you need to develop E2E test automation suite with different frameworks like cucumber with Junit, Cucumber with TestNg & Page Factory model.
Hence speed up testing and save time, with Automated test Suite.
As part of this Course, I have covered following Topics –
•GitHub Links to different projects which we will be working with, as part of this course.
•Demo E commerce Web Application walk through, functional overview and hosting it in local machine.
•Setting up Cucumber Framework from scratch.
•Learning basics of cucumber like feature Files, Step definitions, Runner Files, Parametrization, Tags, Hooks etc.
•Run Cucumber Tests with Junit (java Unit testing framework)
•Develop Automation unit tests on the Demo App and develop Negative tests & Run with Junit.
•Generate Reports after Every Test Execution like Cucumber HTML reports, Extent reports.
•Working with JDBC to fetch data from databases from java and Integrate it with the Framework
•Working with Excel Sheet Validations, operations using Apache POI and integrate it with the Framework.
•Working on Encrypting Passwords and Sending Email Reports after the execution of test Suite.
•TestNg concepts and basics overview.
•Integrate the cucumber project with TestNg and use its powerful features like Annotations, TestNg XML file.
•Develop End to End test Suite with cucumber, testNG for the Demo E commerce Application.
•Run the Cucumber tests with TestNG.
•Parallel and Cross Browser tests
•Introduction to Git, GitHub, Jenkins – continuous Integration.
•Git and GitHub overview and git operation on sample java project.
•Integrate Test Automation End to End Suite with Jenkins.
•Run Automation tests as Jenkins jobs manually, period schedule to run them automatically at specific time each day.
•Run Jenkins Jobs Automatically on a new change/commit in GitHub using PollSCM feature.
•Track test Analytics and reports in Jenkins dashboard.

You will learn

✓ By the end of the course you will be able to design and setup a hybrid framework with Cucumber BDD, Page factory model, TestNg, Jenkins, GITHUB
✓ By the end of the course you will be able to develop E2E test Suite using Cucumber, TestNg hybrid framework and integrate with CI tools like Jenkins and Manage code in SCM tools like GITHUB
✓ you will learn Cucumber 5 Framework , BDD and its features from scratch
✓ you will learn to Run the cucumber tests using Junit framework in java
✓ you will learn to Run the cucumber tests using TestNg and leverage its powerful features
✓ you will learn to manage your Automation tests in SCM Tools using GIT, GITHUB, GITHUB Desktop
✓ you will learn about the Continuous Integration and CI tools like Jenkins
✓ you will learn to integrate and run your Maven, TestNg, Cucumber test Suite using Jenkins features
✓ you will setup periodic Jenkins builds, polling SCM Jenkins builds, On demand button click jenkins jobs.
✓ you will learn to trigger Jenkins jobs after every commit/chanage in the GITHUB
✓ you will work on Excel sheet Automation – Read and Write data from Excel sheets using apache POI
✓ Work on the pulling data from Databases using JDBC – Java Database Connectivity and use it in your automation testing
✓ Work on the Sending Automatic Emails of Test Reports after the execution of Automation tests using Java
✓ you will learn to Run the test Suite in Parallel and also achieve Cross Browser testing
✓ you will working on encrypting sensitive test data like passwords, credentials, Database passwords and use them in your automation testing
✓ you will learn to implement Extent Reports for Cucumber 5
✓ you will learn to debug and Fix the Framework design related issues and also other common challenges


• Basic knowledge on java

This course is for

• Automation Test Engineers
• QA/ Testing professionals
• Anyone who wants to learn Cucumber, testNg, Junit, Jenkins and Selenium to build an Automation test Framework
Software Engineer
I’m a Technology Enthusiast and Experienced Professional with good experience in the field of Software Quality Assurance (QA) , primarily worked with Automation Testing, Performance Testing, DevOps, CI/CD , Cloud, Functional testing, Regression Testing & Smoke Testing. I have passion towards Software Development, Software Testing, Modern Technology, Front End Development and many more. I believe that Failure is a stepping stone to success. 
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 20h 8m
Language: English
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