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Adobe Photoshop 2022 Ultimate Guide

Ultimate A-Z Guide for Adobe Photoshop 2022 Go From Basic to Advanced with 30 Projects + 30 Assignments From Scratch
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Table of contents


Hello everyone and welcome to Adobe Photoshop 2022 Ultimate Guide.
In this video, I’m going to go over an in-depth overview of what we’re going to be learning throughout the course.
So in Section two, we’re going to talk about Adobe Creative Cloud plans and pricing.
So we’ll cover individuals, business students and teachers and schools, universities.
Next will learn how to create a free creative cloud account.
Then from there, we’ll work with Adobe Creative Cloud Web and learn step by step how to install Adobe Photoshop 2022.
Once we’ve done that, then we’ll go over the welcome page interface.
So we’ll cover new file, Open Home, Learn your files shared with you.
Lightroom Photos Deleted Cloud Search What’s new in Photoshop?
And then we’ll talk about also how to get access to our creative cloud account right from inside Photoshop.
Then from there, we’re going to open up a basic project and we’re going to cover the main menu.
So file edit image layer type, select filter, 3D view, plugins, window and help.
And then we’ll cover workspaces, which you can see right here.
And then we’ll cover all the panels here and what they do.
And then we’ll talk about preferences.
So you can see all the preferences that we have right here.
And the reason for the basic project is to give you a clear understanding of what the main menu does.
What are all the options in the main menu?
What are the options for workspaces?
What are the options for panels?
What are the options for preferences?
And then we’ll talk about the tools.
So we’ll cover all the tools here while we build out this project.
To give you an introduction to Photoshop, then we’re going to go to the next level.
We’re going to level up and we’re going to do 30 really good projects.
And you can see right here we have I’ll go to my files and I’ll go to Photoshop.
We’re going to save this on the cloud and we’re going to build out Learn Tech Plus, I’m going to do 30 projects.
So we’re going to build each one of these step by step from scratch.
And you’re going to learn a lot of the fundamentals that you need to know about Photoshop.
It’s going to be a ton of fun.
You can have a lot of fun.
I’ll help you along the way.
So get excited about it.
And thank you so much for watching.
And I’ll see you in the next video.

You will learn

✓ Setup Creative Cloud Account
✓ Creative Cloud Plans
✓ Creative Cloud Web
✓ Install Adobe Photoshop 2022
✓ Welcome Page
✓ Main Menu
✓ Workspaces
✓ Panels
✓ Preferences
✓ Tools
✓ Project #1 – Logo
✓ Project #2 – YouTube Banner
✓ Project #3 – Twitter Banner
✓ Project #4 – Facebook Cover
✓ Project #5 – Twitch Banner
✓ Project #6 – YouTube Thumbnail
✓ Project #7 – Twitter Post
✓ Project #8 – Facebook Post
✓ Project #9 – Twitch Offline Image
✓ Project #10 – Instagram Post
✓ Project #11 – Podcast Poster
✓ Project #12 – Wallpaper
✓ Project #13 – LowerThirds
✓ Project #14 – Thumbnail
✓ Project #15 – YouTube End Screen
✓ File Management
✓ Project #16 – Logo (CMYK)
✓ Project #17 – Business Card
✓ Project #18 – Envelope
✓ Project #19 – Letter Head
✓ Project #20 – Presentation Folder
✓ Project #21 – Compliment Card
✓ Project #22 – Flyer
✓ Project #23 – Print Bundle
✓ Project #24 – Twitter Profile Photo
✓ Project #25 – Twitter Bundle
✓ Project #26 – Instagram Profile Photo
✓ Project #27 – Instagram Square Image
✓ Project #28 – Instagram Story
✓ Project #29 – Instagram Bundle
✓ Project #30 – Facebook Profile Photo


• Willing to Learn and Have Fun
• Setup Creative Cloud Account with 7 day Free Trial

This course is for

• Beginner to Advanced Students wanting to Learn Adobe Photoshop 2022
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 21h 46m
Language: English
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