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Accelerate CAPM® + PMP® SelfStudy How-2-Read the PMBoK-Guide

Course-Project: Learn to create from memory your most important Exam-Aid
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Dollars might be refundable if you pick a CAPM / PMP study course that just repeats the book but your study hours are not.
This course was recorded with the 5th Ed. in my hands. Since its about how YOU read the PMBoK-G and you’ll read the 6th Ed not the 5th Ed it makes no difference to you except the reference to Part 2 on page number 417 is now Part 2 on page 541.
Everything else is still relevant, current advise.
If you have looked at the PMBoK-G you’ll know that reading it from front to back is confusing. Your experience may be that you have found reading it without guidance is completely useless – that happens to plenty of smart people. For over a decade I’ve been helping people see the PMBoK_G’s great insights. My experience will help you quickly learn how to read it and know the story it hides BEFORE you start reading it.
My work as a contract PM spans many organisations where mostly we use industry vocabulary so my PMBoK-G explanations use your familiar jargon whether agile or engineering, IT or corporate change.
Once you start reading with understanding you have to know how to capture that knowledge so you can easily show it in the exams – This course shows you how to easily create, from memory that golden key that unlocks exam success. Exam success unlocks promotions and pay-rises. 
Many project management roles require a PMI credential before you can apply for them despite all the real-life experience you have. PLUS PMIs exams are expensive. Surely setting out on a high cost, high impact endeavour should have the best guidance you can find? This course tells you what a good 35hr training course* will sound and feel like. (*PMI require you to have 35hrs of certified training in PM – this course helps you pick wisely).
Find out how to read the PMBoK-G with this course and save tens if not HUNDREDS of hours of frustration in your personal exam preparation journey.
This course ensures you 
•find out where to focus BEFORE you invest your non-returnable time.
•understand what the big picture story in the PMBoK-G gives you as a framework.
• When you’ve finished this course you’re future study will be very much easier as you’ll have a framework to add that ocean of detailed facts into.
•know how to evaluate potential study resources so you can comit your time only to the best and avoid those that don’t have great instructional design – there are a lot of poor resources out there 🙁
•have the best change to pass the PMP or CAPM Project Management exams in the minimum study time with maximum confidence
In this course you’ll get our completely UNIQUE “PMBoK-G on-a-page” overview and detailed guidance on how to create **THE most important** exam Aide-Memoir. This course’s practical element is your ability to sit down in your exam and memory-dump the PMBoK-G’s core process model from memory.

You will learn

✓ At the end of this course you’ll ACCELERATE you CAPM or PMP self study AND have created you own Exam Busting Memory Aids crucial to passing these tough exams


• Your ONLY prerequisite is you understand English

This course is for

• About to start the journey to CAPM® or PMP® Self-Study
Project Manager and Trainer
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 16m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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