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A to Z Design of Solar Water Pumping System

Get A to Z Knowledge of Solar Water Pump Installation and Design from Basics to Advanced with Prof. Kiran Beldar
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Welcome to your course “A to Z Design of Solar Water Pumping System” this course is designed for the students who wants to endeavour their knowledge in Solar Water Pump designing for their projects, for the solar technician who wants to know optimum power generation from the solar array and use the energy for pumping the water for various application, for the job seekers who wants to get jobs in solar industry and solar pump industry, for the entrepreneur who wants to make career in solar energy and in Solar Pump Sector.
This course explains the very basic concept belongs to design and Installation of solar water Pumping System. The one who is completing the course will able to do all manual design calculations, which are required for designing any Solar Water Pumping System. The learner of course will get scientific idea of each an every components needed for solar Water Pumping System.

You will learn

✓ Application of Solar Water Pump
✓ Use of Solar Energy to Generate Electricity
✓ Types of PV Cell and Solar Panel
✓ Setting Tilt Angle and Panel Alignment for Solar Array
✓ Need of Solar PV Water Pump for Irrigation
✓ Importants of Irrigation and Its Methods
✓ Surface Irrigation and Its Types
✓ Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation
✓ Cost Comparison Of Diesel, Electrical And Solar PV Water Pumping System
✓ Block Diagram and Parts of Solar Water Pump
✓ Water Pump and Its Types
✓ Surface and Submersible Pump
✓ Solar Electric Motor
✓ Solar Pump Controller
✓ Solar Array for Solar Water Pumping System
✓ Solar PV Array Installation
✓ Pump Controller Installation
✓ Motor and Pump installation
✓ Calculation of Total Dynamic Head
✓ Calculation of Solar Power for Pump
✓ Calculation of Number of solar panels and Array Sizing
✓ Selection of Motor Pump
✓ Selection of Pump Controller and Wiring Connections


• Note Book
• Pen

This course is for

• Electrical Engineers
• Mechanical Engineers
• Solar Technicians
• Students
• Solar Installers
• Solar Business executive
Professor at Mumbai University, India
I am Prof. Kiran Beldar, I am a professor in Mumbai University in India. I am teachings the renewable energy subject in Mumbai university.  I am the author of a book of ” A to Z design of rooftop solar Plant”. Teaching to my students and spreading knowledge amongst the solar technicians is my passion. I always present 24/7 for my students. I guaranteed Hope this online course will definitely help online learning community And the tree of knowledge will spread all over the world
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 45m
Language: English
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