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Become an Elite Classical Guitarist
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Welcome to A Guide to Master Classical Guitar the first part.
This course is for ADVANCED PLAYERS ONLY, so If you’re a beginner this course is NOT for you!
If you’ve been following my past 7 courses (Classical Guitar Essentials), you probably stopped at a certain level and finding it hard to get to the next level.
Well, I am here to tell you that this is the next level that will open the door for you to become an Elite classical guitarist.
Each exercise and piece here was carefully chosen to challenge you and take your technique to a higher level of mastery.
•First, we will look at a complex rhythm that we haven’t got the chance to study in the past courses, which is double dotted notes! We are going to deal with fractions of the beat.
•Next, we are going to focus on fret 6 to 8 on all strings. We have covered most of the fretboard in the previous courses, but I am aware that your sight-reading is very good to say up to the 5th fret, am I right?
      So, we going to zero in at these 3 frets to make your sight-reading better than ever.
•After that, we will take a look at Arpeggios, and this time we are going to study them in a matter of forms which is a kind of big deal.
I can’t explain everything now but trust me these forms will connect the fretboard for you and let you see it more clearly.

•Next, we will study 2 pieces by Mauro Guiliani and Matteo Carcassi to apply what we learned up until this point in the course.

And finally, we going to learn two more pieces from Grade 6 that’s is required to enter the London College of Music exam, which is the first grade in the highest level of classical guitar (grades 6, 7, and 8).
This course is the first of series of three courses, so what you will learn here we are going to build on it until you reach Grade 8 which is the final grade in Classical Guitar.
Again, this course is intended for the players who finished my previous courses and not for beginners. I have a whole series of courses intended for complete beginners. If you want to find out more check them out here on Udemy.
Honestly, the material I provide here you will not find it anywhere else online. This stuff is what made me the guitarist and teacher I am today, so If you are serious about becoming a great classical guitarist, and you love the instrument I suggest that you hit that enroll button and you have 30 days money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.
I hope to see you on the other side.

You will learn

✓ Complex melody and rhythm
✓ Apply phrasing, dynamics, and ornaments in their playing
✓ Grade 6 London College of Music guitar pieces
✓ Communicating with an emerging sense of musical personality


• Preferably if they finished all my previous courses
• Fluent in reading standard music notation
• Good foundation on Classical Guitar

This course is for

• Goal oriented student
• Anyone who wants to pass Grade 6 in music examination board
• Anyone who wishes to become a guitar teacher
Musician, Photographer
Hi, I am Hany Gamal. I live in Egypt. I studied photography and video editing at fine art college. Then I took a 2 years course with the New York Institute of Photography.
I studied guitar with The Royal School of Music, and I finished Grade 8 guitar back in 2004.
My real passion is teaching, so I teach everything I know… photography, guitar, and even Rubik’s Cube – which I can do in less than 2 minutes.
I worked as a freelance photographer, a camera-man, a video editor, and a guitar tutor at International British schools.
I run a chess club in my school where I work as a music and performing art director.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 14m
Language: English
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