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7 Habits For Health And Happiness

Quick, Easy And Effective Tools To Be Productive And Creative Every Day - Guaranteed
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Would you like to function at your best each and every day?
Would you like an effective way to guarantee that?

Thank you, me too! Practise the art of being positively selfish with Sean Spoon, following his top 7 habits in order to show up as your best self each and every day. Honed over many years and practiced by Spoon himself, these habits promise to stimulate your mind, body, emotions and spirit in ways that will transform your daily routines for the better. Simple, short informative videos with easy to learn guidance and tasks take you through step-by-step in this online course offered by Planet Spoon.

Would you like to build rock-solid confidence from inside-out?
Would you like to experience more joy and expansion?
Would you like to expand your circle of friends and discover positive new ways of being?

Thank you, let me show you how! This course draws on many years of lived-in experience and presents the key techniques and teachers that, when combined, have awesome, self-esteem boosting, productivity enhancing results. It is said that habits take 21 days to form and so this course has been specifically designed to give you one simple, easy to achieve task for each day. You can of course watch all the video lectures in one go, but I highly recommend taking it slow and watching just one of the short videos each day and then try out the given task. Makes notes and keep a journal as you go.

In the first “week”, you’ll learn the basics of each of the 7 habits.
In “week” two, you’ll circle back over the same habits, going deeper and reinforcing them into your psyche.
In “week” three, the habits are revisited once again, giving them a chance to sink into your body and giving you an awesome confidence boost as you begin to take charge of them for yourself.

You will learn

✓ Know seven clear tools for improving wellbeing.
✓ Improved body awareness.
✓ Improved self-esteem and self-confidence.
✓ Ability to identify and manage peak productivity hours in each day.
✓ Know when and how to best use their time for habit forming.
✓ Develop positive habits in less than 15mins each day.


• You will need an A4 journal or notepad, writing pens, enough space for a yoga mat, some speakers to play music through and an open, curious mind. No prior experience is necessary. You will be taught everything you need to know.

This course is for

• Curious, open-minded people into self-development, personal growth.
• For those of us who need a little help getting and staying productive in our day-to-day lives.
• For people who have limited spare time to work on improving themselves.
Teacher & Chief Compassion Coach
Sean Spoon is an educator with 20years of experience, having been in the classroom since 2001. He is a UK-qualified Teacher and now Compassion Coach, which is one of his true passions. Since 2011 he has guided hundreds, if not thousands, of clients in the art of awareness, embodiment and self-compassion, and now continues to do so online via his website PlanetSpoon.
His calm, client-focused approach draws on a range of techniques and teachers from the ancient, esoteric and modern, scientific worlds to inspire wonder, play and personal progress in each of his clients.
A nature-boy at heart, yet equally at home in cosmopolitan big-cities, Spoon is always learning. At present, you’ll likely find him dancing Cuban Salsa or tinkling away on his ukelele.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 55m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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