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6 Traits of Executive You Course Series

This course is designed to grow the confidence, ambition, and strategic influencing skills in business.
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This course is designed to grow the confidence, ambition, and strategic influencing skills of high potential financial professionals in business. Many financial professionals suffer from a lack of confidence as a whole, but also a lack of confidence in building relationships, communicating in a way other non-financial people understand, overcoming challenges, leading teams, and developing their personal brand.
This course teaches financial professionals how to build confidence and competency in the 6 traits executives need: Confidence, Relationship Building, Communication Skills, Resilience, Credible Leadership, and Personal Branding.

You will learn

✓ Discover how to complete a competency-based assessment of your financial executive potential, explore how to unlock your full potential by recognizing your personal presence, and recognize how to tap into your personal power to unlock personal empowerment and empowerment of others.
✓ Identify ways to train your brain to recognize “showtime” moments to deliver executive-level performance, discover how to assess and develop your own level of emotional and social intelligence, and recognize how to read body language and facial expressions to improve your empathetic response.
✓ Explore how to navigate the dangerous minefield of office politics, discover how to make lasting first impressions that initiate positive, lasting long-term relationships.
✓ Explore how to have a conversation with anyone.
✓ Identify a proactive approach to establishing, building, and maintaining deep relationships with key contacts in your personal and professional lives.
✓ Discover Ethos, Logos, & Pathos and recognize how to incorporate the principles of persuasion into every important message to initiate action and response.
✓ Explore how to connect with your audience using storytelling.
✓ Discover how to improve your writing skills and recognize how to write like a business journalist to express your opinions with tact and clarity.
✓ Explore ways to strengthen your presentation skills to get a standing ovation the next time you present to an audience.
✓ Discover how to assess your own level of passion and perseverance.
✓ Recognize how to clarify your personal values and establish a fool-proof mechanism to live your values and move toward your personal goals every day.
✓ Identify the 4 ingredients of grittiness that help you persevere over long periods of time, and explore how to make deliberate practice and nudging a daily routine to achieve amazing results.
✓ Recognize the differences between managers and leaders, and explore how to let go of the manager mindset and become a leader.
✓ Discover the leadership effect, and identify ways to measure the results of leaders and their importance to every organization.
✓ Explore how to lead using your personal power in the absence of fancy job titles.
✓ Recognize how to protect and elevate your level of credibility with all your important stakeholders.
✓ Discover how to define your personal brand to stand out from an overly crowded marketplace, and recognize how to improve your appearance, look the part, and dress for success.
✓ Explore how to differentiate your brand and make it compelling and discover how to communicate your executive brand to the world.


• No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course, but managerial experience is beneficial.

This course is for

• Anyone interested in business, management, leadership, finance, or related fields.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 47m
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