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#6 Learn to Bake Magnificent Challah Bread

Baking Sourdough Challah or Traditional Challah Bread - It's Magnificent!
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Course updated 8/20/2021
Challah, magnificent Challah! Have you always wanted to bake up some Challah but felt it was too much of a challenge? Now see how it’s made step by step with videos, recipes, instructions and instructor support.
This sweet bread is loved and enjoyed by millions the world over. In this course you will learn to bake three various types of Challah:
· Commercially yeasted Challah (A dessert Challah)
· Hybrid (a mix of yeasted and sourdough)
· Sourdough Challah
The formulas will also have variations using different ingredients and methods. The two methods are to mix with a dough mixer and to mix by hand. However all of the doughs can be mixed either by hand or by mixer.
The variations will contain different ingredients or dough formulas with changes for milk/non milk, butter/oil, sugar/honey, different egg washes and various toppings. You can experiment with your own glazes and toppings.
You will also see professional baker Andrew Meltzer as he demonstrates how to braid different styles of Challahs from one single braid all the way to seven braids and a six pointed star Challah! Braiding is so much fun and you can stuff braids for fun and exciting new flavors!
So come on and join me, learn to bake and braid your own magnificent Challah and see why so many people love Challah!

You will learn

✓ Learn to bake various types of Challah, yeasted, hybrid and sourdough.
✓ Discover a special technique for making bread really soft.
✓ Watch a professional baker demonstrate many various braiding techniques.
✓ Make a sourdough Challah and find out how to handle the wild yeast in enriched dough.
✓ Bake up the most magnificent dessert Challah you’ve ever seen!
✓ Learn to make Challah with and without milk products.
✓ Use a mixer or mix dough by hand, both techniques are demonstrated.
✓ Be amazed at the many various ways of braiding and plaiting Challah.
✓ Enjoy several downloadable formulas/recipes and variations for Challah.
✓ Learn to braid a Challah from one strand all the way to seven strands!


• An understanding of basic kitchen skills is necessary, ie, how to bake, mix dough, chop ingredients, etc
• You will learn how to make your own sourdough in this course, so obtaining one, although nice, isn’t necessary.
• A basic kitchen scale that does metric is essential for this course.
• You will need to bring your enthusiasm….
• Doughs can be mixed either using a mixer or by hand.

This course is for

• Any baker who knows their way around a kitchen can bake magnificent Challah.
Bread Baker, Sourdough Baking Teacher, Author, Blogger
Teresa loves teaching serious home bakers, how to bake real sourdough bread! She worked at two different bakeries besides baking at home for over 40 years.  Eighteen years ago, she built a business (Northwest Sourdough) along with a membership site (The Baking Network) around teaching others how to bake real sourdough at home. She published a four volume book called, “Discovering Sourdough,” “Extreme Fermentation” and also, “Make Your Own Sourdough Starter.” You can find the live series “Make Your Own Sourdough Starter with Me” on You Tube plus a free downloadable e-book.
Teresa’s Facebook group, “Perfect Sourdough” is the largest sourdough bread baking group in the world. She also has other groups, “The Baking Network” and “Bread Bakers and Artisan Baked Goods” for all types of baking. Followers can also join her membership site at “The Baking Network” online.
Her Bread Recipes and Formulas from her books and blog and baking courses have been featured on TV and spread all around the world through online forums, her active Facebook group, Perfect Sourdough, Youtube channel and her site, Northwest Sourdough.
Northwest Sourdough is featured in the resource section of Peter Reinhart’s book,” Artisan Breads Every Day.” Teresa was also one of the photographers for “The Grain Gathering” in it’s early years when it was called, “Kneading Conference West.” She has been featured in numerous articles, magazines and interviews including Forbes and First for Women. She was selected as one of the top ten Udemy instructors in 2015 and now has thirteen sourdough baking courses on Udemy. 
Most of all, Teresa loves to see YOU pull a crispy, crusty, holey sourdough loaf from your own oven. Yes, you can learn to bake the best bread in the world! 
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 11m
Language: English
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