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5 Steps to Leading With Authenticity & Confidence

Unleash Your Superpower
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“There’s a 15% greater likelihood that direct reports will be thriving in wellbeing when their manager is thriving in well being.” ~Gallup

You are here if you are a leader who is struggling with the juggle of busy work and life, impacting your balance. You are looking for a way to rebuild your confidence, regain your self-awareness and unlock your untapped potential.

I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed with competing priorities, too much multi-tasking – wearing too many hats, having staff shortages, feeling exhausted, and having health struggles. My clients feel it too – and it’s on the increase.

I’m Lynda Tregoweth; I am an expert in personal power and emotional intelligence. I’m an educator, coach, entrepreneur and human behaviouralist.
I live in Brisbane, Australia (formerly Melbourne) and am the leader of my coaching practice. With nearly 30 years in leadership, consulting and coaching roles in Australia, NZ, UK.

To be an effective leader takes more than getting results to your bottom line. It takes authenticity, trust from your people, courage and confidence. It sees understanding and showing up for your people fosters employee and customer loyalty and employee engagement to enable a cohesive culture that sustains business success.
You must do the work on yourself first, starting with dialling in your emotional intelligence to enable this.
•Commit to your success
•Understand what’s truly holding you back right now
•Learn what your motivation is so that you can tap into it to propel you forward
•Understand your level of self-awareness and the impact you have on others
•Understand how you see the world and learn what your limiting beliefs are
•You’ll identify your values so that you can easily use them as your compass to drive your decisions
•You will go deep to define your goals and priorities, so you can focus on the must-haves and reduce the feeling of overwhelm
•You will learn about the importance of giving and receiving and why boundaries are essential to maintain your energy levels
•Build awareness and curiosity of others to deepen your level of rapport, communication and trust
•Gain more in-depth knowledge of you in your eco-system to understand strengths and challenges
•You will understand your fears and how to turn them into courage
•Learn more about who you are to show your true self in all situations
•Learn how to use your vulnerability to be an effective communicator to take your people the journey with you and to build trust
•Then, you will learn how to define your superpowers so that you can use them as tools in your toolkit when you need them

The course is designed with you in mind with building blocks to strengthen your level of emotional intelligence so that you can implement as you learn. With every lesson, you will learn more about yourself so that you can level up your sense of self and confidence; you’ll find you’re a-ha moments that propel you to a place of greater effectiveness, courage and resilience.
You’ll have additional workbooks and resources to support you along the way, as well as tips from clients on their personal experiences and how they implemented what you are about to learn.

After completing this class, you’ll walk away with a greater understanding of yourself. You will know what drives you; you’ll have a greater sense of awareness of yourself and others, and how building confidence and owning your authenticity enables you to be a standout leader that people will follow, even without the job title. You’ll feel great about the change you have made.

What you’ll learn
•How to back yourself for success to lead with confidence
•Release your fears and blockers to build self-awareness and authenticity
•Understand what drives you so that you can live in alignment without the conflict of obligation
•How to master your communication effectiveness to build trust in your relationships
•How your environment is impacting your self-confidence and your impact on others so that you understand your blind spots
•How to be yourself in any situation to be your most effective, authentic, confident self and reduce the stress and overwhelm

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
•A strong desire to develop your self-awareness and emotional management
•You care about how you feel.
•You are committed to achieving results for yourself.
•You have a strong desire to reduce your stress levels.

Who this course is for:
•Leaders and executives
•Experienced professionals
•Individuals looking to step into leadership roles

You will learn

✓ 5 Steps to Leading with Authenticity & Confidence


• An open mind and a strong desire to grow

This course is for

• Leaders in business
• New leaders
• Leaders wanting to build their confidence & reduce conflict
• People looking to get to know themselves, build confidence & resilience
• Leaders interested in learning about how to improve their communication
• People who are overwhelmed by stress
• People wanting to improve their self-awareness
• People who would like to get clear on their goals
• People who would like to improve their relationships
Leadership & Performance Coach, Educator & Motivator
Hi! Thanks for stopping by and your interest in my work.
I am a performance coach specialising in emotional intelligence and show individuals, leaders and business owners how to eliminate stress, reduce conflict and lead with confidence in all areas of their life. I am passionate about how we turn-up every day as our true-self.
The demand is for more fruitful human interactions, built on trust. Authenticity creates an ecosystem of attraction whereby we work and play with people who are in alignment with us – our tribe. In business, I believe it is the point of difference leaders can make for their customers and people. In our personal life, the benefit is that the relationships we have are more consistent, balanced and energised. That includes the one we have with ourselves.
I have 30 years of experience in leadership roles in across Australia, NZ and the UK. My experience, both personally and professionally, has led me to a place of personal resilience and knowing. I have developed a framework to support my personal development, wellbeing and growth. As a result, I am an expert in helping others release their fear, gain clarity, find their safe-harbour and enjoy calm-confidence.
My qualifications in NLP, Matrix Therapy, performance coaching, leadership and management have enabled me to work with leaders to reduce their stress, increase their confidence, access their blind spots to unlock their full potential. I have invested over $150k in my education to save you time.
I am a published contributor in media: Ticker TV, Kochie’s Business Builders and Inside Small Business, with appearances on radio and podcasts. Check out my website for more information.
I would love to hear from you.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 16m
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