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4 Strategies that Will Make you a Professional Day Trader

Learn how to analyze gaps, breakouts, candle patterns while also discovering where to enter, exit and place stops.
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When I get asked at a party or something, “so, what do you do?” I reply, I’m a professional Day Trader. 
That blank stare and gaze…it’s almost refreshing. Because SO many people have a horrible misconception about day trading. Masses of people think it’s gambling. Huge risks, little rewards that only a math genius or a robot can accomplish. 
The great news is, that’s simply not the case. With day trading, it all comes down to risk mitigation, having a simple strategy and world class discipline. Do you consider yourself a determined person? When you begin to learn, do you just throw yourself in 100% and fully immerse yourself in that world? Of course you do! That’s why are you here. That is the type of person you are. 
You are here to learn and that excites me, because I LOVE teaching and I’m REALLY good at it. I would argue, I am the best mentor, coach and teacher on Udemy. I am very confident that at the end of this easy to understand course, you will know exactly
•When to get into a day trade•When to get out of a day trade•How much to risk on each trade•How to remove variables in day trading•What a day trading plan is•How to create a day trading plan •How to scan for specific day trades (before they even happen)•How to analyze gaps•Which moving averages are the most powerful•Which timeframes are best to use in day tradingWhen you finish this one of a kind course, you will be super confident about your day trading approach. You will know exactly why you are getting into a trade and your stress level will be totally gone.
Knowing when to get in, knowing how much to risk, knowing when to get out, knowing which trade to take and how many trades to take…this is the path of becoming a Real Life Professional Day Trader!!

You rock!!

I’m excited to see you in course! 
~ Jerremy Alexander Newsome

You will learn

✓ How to pick stocks to daytrade
✓ What is a gap?
✓ How to trade the 4 easy gap types
✓ Where to enter a day trade
✓ Where to exit a day trade
✓ Which brokers are best for day trading
✓ Discover what a professional day trading plan actually looks like
✓ Which moving averages to use
✓ Which type of broker orders to use


• You should know what the stock market
• You should have a basic understanding of technical analysis

This course is for

• Anyone who wants to day trade as a professional career.
• Customers who are looking to supplement retirement income.
• Current day traders who are excited about finally becoming profitable.
• Anyone who wants to day trade as a way to generate additional cash flow.
CEO of Real Life Trading. My Mission is To Enrich Lives!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 44m
Language: English
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