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3ds Max + Vray: Ultimate Architectural Exteriors Course

Everything you need to create stunning, professional exterior renderings with 3ds Max + Vray and other pro tools
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We have all seen stunning exterior renderings — works of art, really — online and wondered how we can get our renderings to that level. Well, this course is the missing link for taking your renderings from basic to brilliant.
There are several tools, tips and techniques that you may not know that can really increase the appeal of your renderings. In fact, this course will introduce students to several of those things. Once students have a basic understanding of these methods, they can fully unlock their creativity and focus on the artistry of their renderings.
If your architectural rendering projects are ready for that next leap in realism and drama, this is the course for you. Perhaps you already have a good knowledge of arch viz in 3ds Max + Vray, or maybe you have even taken one of my earlier courses, but know you are ready to take on more advanced techniques, tools and workflows?
Start with my model (free download) and add interest to it with additional detail, advanced materials, dramatic lighting, interesting compositions, etc. I’ll show you how using the best tools, and help explain the principles behind what makes a rendering great. You can follow along with me, or iterate with my model and create whatever kind of composition you would like. Experiment with lighting, atmospherics, effects, materials, etc.
There is no better way to start creating professional imagery than to learn from a pro, and master all his tools, techniques and workflows. That is what this course offers.
Join today and start creating amazing exterior renderings!

Enjoy these benefits with the course:
•Lifetime access
•30 day money back guarantee
•Access to professional instructors through Q&A and/or Learn Arch Viz Forums

Below you will find more detailed information about course outline and curriculum…

Students will go through:
•Advanced Modelling Considerations
•Advanced Lighting Workflows
•Advanced Material Creation
•Advanced Camera Settings and Composition – Blur, Atmospherics, Etc.
•Advanced V-Ray Render Settings (V-Ray Next and below)
•Advanced Compositing in Photoshop
The instructor will also introduce new professional tools, not discussed in previous courses. They include, but are not limited to:
•Quixel Megascans
•Forest Pack PRO / Lite
•Substance Designer
•Quixel Mixer
•Substance Materials
•PBR materials
•and more…
As of 2022, new content has been added to this course in order to update things for the latest versions of 3ds Max and V-Ray, and also continue training on some of the latest and greatest tools available. V-Ray has been updated in some great ways, so there is now additional projects at the end of the course that focuses on teaching those tools. In the additional project, students will learn some of these tips and tricks:
•A more advanced look at V-Ray Environment Fog
•New Photoshop Techniques for quick post-processing
•How to use V-Ray Cosmos and V-Ray material editor to quickly fill out your scene
•Mastering your HDRI workflow
•Making use of the V-Ray light mixer to dial in perfect lighting
•Lens Effects in the latest versions of V-Ray
•The updated V-Ray frame buffer
•so much more…
Join now if you are ready to work like the pros, and make stunning architectural renderings.
See you in class!

You will learn

✓ Use the project files to create an advanced exterior rendering with all the latest tools & techniques.
✓ Add new advanced tools (like Substance Designer) to your workflow and improve the quality of your images.
✓ Dramatically improve your rendering skills
✓ Create and advanced rendering for your arch viz portfolio
✓ Understand how to take renderings from basic to brilliant
✓ Have a great feel for the advanced professional tools that are available to arch viz artists
✓ Use 3ds Max and V-Ray assets to enhance your renderings
✓ Learn unique professional workflows for creating renderings that are true works of art


• Have a working knowledge of 3ds Max, Vray and Photoshop
• Helpful if you have taken some of my more beginner classes, but not necessary
• Have access to 3ds Max, Vray and Photoshop, plus the internet for downloading new resources and tools

This course is for

• Those who already have a basic understanding of arch viz, but want to take their images to the next level
• Those who are ready to take on more advanced arch viz topics and methods
• Anyone who wants to explore more advanced, professional tools / workflows to improve their imagery
• People who want to increase the quality of their rendering skills with realism, drama, interest, detail, etc.
Digital Artist & Instructor – 3ds Max / V-Ray / Photoshop
  Digital Artist – 3ds Max & Photoshop 
          Adam has been working as a professional (and award winning) 3d artist for over 10 years, but his expertise does not stop there.  He has also authored / illustrated a children’s book, and created graphics for numerous mobile games.  He has expert knowledge in the following programs: 
3ds Max
After Effects
Unreal Engine 4
Various other software programs and plugins
    Most importantly, he has dedicated himself to lifelong learning, and he loves to teach others as well. 
    From the artist: 
    “I mostly work in the Architectural Visualization industry.  This a  career which I almost entirely taught myself, and have perfected over several years.  In order to save you the trouble of learning the hard way, like I did, I wan’t to offer my expertise to you.” 
    Join one of Adam’s courses today to benefit from his years of experience creating high-end, professional graphics. 
    *Follow the social links to connect with Adam on the internet.  Keep up to date with the latest course discounts, and free resources available from Adam. 
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 8h 7m
Language: English
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