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3D Modeling Piped Systems in AutoCAD

From absolute ZERO all the way to creating sophisticated, 3D models and professional drawing packages in AutoCAD
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Many people think you need an Engineering degree to design piped systems such as chemical plants and filtration systems, but that’s not the case. People are often intimidated by AutoCAD and think it takes years of experience to operate effectively, but this too is a misconception.
You are going to walk into this course perhaps never having even SEEN AutoCAD before, and by the end, you’ll be CONFIDENTLY designing complex, piped systems from scratch. What’s more, you’ll be creating virtual, 3D solid models of these systems and then generating all of the drawings necessary to fabricate and assemble your system!
Once you learn the material in this course, there really is no limit to what you’ll be able to design, model and draw.

You will learn

✓ Model and draw an entire piped system in AutoCAD from scratch
✓ Model all types of fittings and components in a piped system
✓ Create general assembly drawings
✓ Create fabrication drawings
✓ Create piping drawings


• There are no prerequisites for this course. You will obviously need to have some version of AutoCAD to practice and complete the assignments.
• The working assumption of this course is that you know absolutely NOTHING about AutoCAD, thus I will be teaching from absolute ZERO.

This course is for

• Anybody wanting to learn how to create 3D models and clean, professional drawings of piped systems will find all they need in this course.
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     By degree, I’m an MBA, however after a few years on the road full-time as a management consultant, I fell into and in love with engineering. 
     My PLC / HMI experience includes projects from $10k up to about $40m, primarily within the realm of chemical processing and filtration.  I am competent programming Rockwell, Siemens and a handful of smaller technologies. 
     I’ve also had the pleasure of designing most of the same systems I used to program.  My competencies in this area include full design, 3D modeling and drafting of assembly and fabrication drawings in AutoCAD and / or Inventor.  I’ve designed mobile systems that were built in shipping containers up to one that filled a two-story building. 
     Before engineering, I developed and implemented CI (Continuous Improvement) management systems in companies across America in various industries to include a military finance organization, a printing company, a mortgage bank, a candy factory (my personal favorite), a nuclear products manufacturer, a major producer of coiled aluminum and several more. 
     So as not to only be useful in a factory or an office, I’m also hold the following NASM certifications: Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Specialist and Behavior Change Specialist. And yes – I have a full gym where my living room should be.
     And when I get tired of all that, I also have my own photo studio a couple of blocks down the street. A guy has to keep busy, right?
    Apart from things professional, I’m into riding my motorcycles. If you haven’t ridden 200mph (300kph) on a Hayabusa, you just haven’t lived! I’m also busy teaching myself Hebrew and trying to learn how to play a few different instruments (but I have absolutely zero talent, so there’s that).

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 11h 2m
Language: English
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