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310-083 Sun Certified Web Component Developer J2EE 5 Exam

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Table of contents


Sample Questions:
It is developing n-tier Java EE applications. You have already decided that some of the JSP is needed to obtain data from the client entity bean. Are you trying to decide whether to use a client stub object or transfer objects. Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
Cap will increase network traffic
Transfer installation decrease insensitivity data.
Cap will increase the required logic in JSP pages.
In both cases, the JSP EL expressions can be used to retrieve the data.

What are the two characteristics of the Intercepting Filter pattern? (Choose two.)
It provides a centralized query processing for incoming requests.
This makes the use of authentication for distribution through the web components.
You can add or remove unobtrusively without requiring changes to existing code.
This allows pre-processing and post-processing of incoming requests and outgoing responses.

The developer has created a Web-based application that includes the servlet for each case of use in an application. These servlets have become very difficult to maintain due to query processing techniques have become very large. There is also a common code of management in many servlet, because these use cases are very similar. What are the two design patterns it can be used together to reorganize and simplify the web application? (Choose two.)
view helper
Front Controller

The developer is developing a multi-level and reveals the need to hide the details of the creation and maintenance of deleted messages from the client web application. In addition, the application must be found, transparent components, various business manner used for client requests service. What design patterns, working together to tackle these problems?
business delegate and transfer facility
Delegate business and service location
Driver front and Managing Business
Intercept and transmit filter object

The developer is developing a web-based application that makes extensive use of EJB and JMS. The developer believes there is a lot of duplicated code to construct a JNDI context to access the bean and bursts. In addition, due to the complexity, there are numerous errors in the code. What J2EE design pattern provides a solution to this problem?
Transfer objects
location service
session facade


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Platform: Udemy
Price: $11.99
Language: English
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