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27 Best Free WordPress Plugins For Business & Entrepreneurs

Top Free WordPress Plugins Every Business Website Should Use in 2016 Plus Training and Tutorials For Setting Them Up
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———-Review from a previous Udemy course—————-
Excellent Course with Superb Instructor – Thank you for making this great course as well as for all the personalized feedback…It’s greatly appreciated– jonathan chapman
Why You Need These WordPress Plugins Now!Plus, how to get the plugins installed and set up today!
(Special Limited Time Bonus Just Added – see below)
Do you really need these 27 plugins?
Sure. There may have been a time when some of these plugins didn’t matter.
But now, without these plugins, your WordPress site is at a huge disadvantage.
Your website is an asset in your business. Maybe it’s the most important asset. It’s the place where people decide to do business with you (or not).
>>Can you afford to have your site blacklisted by Google because it was hacked?
>>Are you getting all the traffic from search engines you should be?
>>Struggling to find quality images to use on your site? (images are huge in today’s social sharing world!)
>>Have you ever done without a key feature or “worked around” some issue just because you don’t have time to deal with it (or to hire someone to deal with it)?
Well, you are not alone.
In fact, millions of businesses using WordPress work at a disadvantage because they are exposed to one or all of these issues.
But it does not have to be that way.
With these 27 plugins, you can rise above the rest of these businesses.
Introducing “The 27 Best Free WordPress Plugins for Business & Entrepreneurs”
If you are worried that your WordPress site is not as professional as it could be…
Then I want to help you!
I will show you everything you need to start benefiting from these crucial plugins!
And, you should know: this is not some “theory” course or a “here’s the list – now you go and figure it out” course…
Every lecture goes into detail about the plugin including how to find it (some of these are rather unknown plugins!), how to install it, and exactly what settings to use.
In fact, you will get the most out of this course if you login to WordPress and follow along with me! In four hours, you will have every plugin installed and configured.
>>Want to add an email newsletter opt in form to your site? No problem, I’ll show you the plugin to use and how to set it up.
>>Need a hand writing blog posts that get search engine traffic? Great! I’ll show you a plugin that helps you write posts search engines love!
>>Wish you had better images for your blog? No problem! I’m going to show you a plugin that works like magic to find high-quality FREE images you can use – and the best part is you won’t even have to format the images or any of that technical stuff!
And that is just part of what I’ll be showing you in this course.
Meet the Expert Who Will Help Find, Install and Set Up These Plugins
My name is Jim Shirley and I run a web design firm called Resultspress.
Over the last decade, I have personally put together well over 100 websites for my clients and for my own use.
I’ve taught hundreds of freelancers and entrepreneurs how to build their own websites with WordPress.
I work with a major multi-national media company and I consult with small “mom and pop” businesses alike to show them ways to squeeze the most profit from their WordPress websites.
One of my favorite things is putting together hands-on training videos. I have a knack for taking something technical and making it simple and easy to do.
————————————-Reviews From Previous Courses:——————
“Excellent Course with Superb Instructor”–jonathan chapman
“Splendid course”–Giles Ensor
“Great info!!!”–Rune Flækøy——————————————————————————————————————————
Step-By-Step Lectures In A Language You Can Understand
Worried that this course will move too fast or be filled with technical jargon?
Let me put your worries to rest. Every lecture is delivered in a non-technical, friendly manner.
I walk you through every step – from finding the plugin, to installing it, to setting it up. We follow the same process in every video. Plus I take a few moments to show you “why” we set things up the way we do. So that way you know exactly what each plugin does to help your business.
35+ Lectures Lasting 4+ Hours
The course presently has 35 lectures lasting a total time of about 4 hours and 15 minutes. That will change, I am notorious for adding more to my courses and keeping students up to date with the best information.
I’ve also included lectures showing you how to find, keep, and delete plugins so you have every instruction you need to be a WordPress plugin expert.
Money Back Guarantee
I guarantee you will be happy with this course and the results you get from it. You have a full 30 days to go through the lectures. Install the plugins. Follow along as I show you how to set them up.
See how you like them.
And if for any reason you are not happy with the course – simply ask for your money back.
Watch the Free Previews
You have read this far – and I appreciate that. Now, why not watch the free previews below?
Certain lectures have a ‘Preview’ button next to them – you can watch them free and without having to enroll.
And if you like what you see, then go ahead and click the blue button at the top of this page that says Take This Course and enroll today.
I look forward to seeing you in class.
Enroll now and get my Make Money Online: Build Your Own Information Products course for only $5 (90% off!). This is a limited time offer.

You will learn

✓ Install (and delete!) WordPress plugins
✓ Prevent most hacking attempts on WordPress websites
✓ Understand key differences between popular SEO plugins
✓ Unlock menu options hidden in the WYSIWYG editor
✓ Block spam comments without any further work
✓ Fix a key WordPress flaw that hackers use to break in
✓ Find free images to use in every blog post or page right inside the WordPress visual editor
✓ Add important legal pages without hiring a lawyer
✓ Add a contact form to WordPress without any hassle
✓ The best plugin to use for automating website backups
✓ Find the right plugin for adding an email sign up form to your website
✓ Use a simple plugin to add specially designed testimonial boxes, buttons, sliders and more to a WordPress site
✓ Get social media shares on blog posts easily
✓ Automatically get Facebook and Twitter exposure on old posts without any work
✓ Magically get WordPress sidebar widgets to float
✓ …and more


• This is course is NOT for WordPress.com websites!!
• Students should already have a working WordPress website
• That’s all!

This course is for

• Anyone who uses WordPress for their website
• Those interested in making sure their WordPress site is secure
• Students should take this course if they want to learn about free plugins for WordPress that will save massive amounts of time and effort
• Entrepreneurs
• Small business owners
• Internet Marketers
• Home based business owners
Online Marketing & Product Development
Hey there! My name is Jim Shirley and I’d like to help YOU build your online business.
Okay, I’m writing out my biography here because it’s required. Frankly, I don’t like talking a lot about myself – I prefer talking about you and how I can help you.
But, with that being said, this is what I’ve got in something of a chronological order:
Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Public Policy from the University of Denver
Graduate work (on scholarship) in Econ at the University of Denver
I bailed early on graduate school when I got a job in the mutual fund industry.
In my corporate career, I’ve been:
– an editor
– a research analyst
– product manager
– product development manager
I’ve done work with people from around the world including: Africa, Brazil, India, Thailand, China, Europe, England, Canada, Russia, Japan, Australia, Philippines, and New Zealand. And these were not just quick chats – I worked with people in these regions for months and years.
I’ve started and failed with four online businesses.
And I have 3 online businesses that are going strong today (and have been since 2009, 2012, and 2015)
In 2004, I decided to finally learn how to build websites (it was something I wanted to learn since the late 90’s). By 2005, I had moved from coding everything myself to using WordPress. Since then, I’ve helped dozens of small businesses get their business online. I have lost count, but I have built at least 50 websites for my own personal use using WordPress. Today I have 17 blogs / websites online.
In 2007, my infant daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease and from that point on, I learned everything I could find out about eating gluten-free.
In 2010, I published my first book – a gluten-free shopping guide (hey, back then it was not at all clear what foods were gluten-free and I aimed to fix that for my family and others like us).
I went on to publish another four books.
I have written hundreds of articles and blog posts for my own websites on topics from eating gluten-free to self-publishing to internet marketing.
Through my various websites, I’ve created and sold (or given away) information products.
Sometime after publishing my first book, I got introduced to the subject of copywriting. It was not by accident – I needed to figure out how to sell online. The late Gary Halbert once said something along the lines of “…if you need a good copywriter, you’ll probably have to do it yourself.”
Anyway, I spend my spare time learning from the masters of copywriting and then applying that knowledge.
Sometime in my corporate life while working as the product development manager on $20 million a year software product, our technical writer left and we couldn’t replace her (some kind of hiring freeze).
Anyway, we were about to launch a new version of our software and we had no updated help documents. So I got Camtasia and started recording ‘How To’ videos to use instead. They were a hit and I had a blast making them…and I’ve been making videos of all kinds since then.
If you’ve gotten to this point in the biography (and you are still awake), go ahead and take my course…I believe you will be glad you did.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 22m
Language: English
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