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25 Business Analysis by Data Visualizations in Tableau

Tableau for Business Intelligence from Management perspective.
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In today’s world, businesses are capturing huge data from various business activities. One can discover lots of precious information, patterns for making effective decisions from this data if you have right tool & right skills.
Tableau is a very powerful tool for this purpose & this course will provide the right skills to achieve these objectives.
Instead of just learning techniques, approach in this course will be first exploring business scenario for analysis and then applying the data visualization techniques to analyse that scenario and interpretation of that analysis.
In this course, from the given data set we will be exploring 25 business scenarios & then creating appropriate data visualization to analyse that scenario.
While analysing various scenarios following data visualizations & techniques are used as required for that analysis:
· Bar/Column charts
· Stacked Bar charts
· Side-by-side bars charts
· Line chart
· Area & Stacked Area charts
· Pie chart
· Dual combination chart
· TreeMap chart
· Histogram
· Bubble chart
· Table for data in tabular format
· Geographical Maps
· Chart using colour gradient & size
· Calculated Columns
· Grouping Data Categories
· Applying Data Hierarchy
· Worksheet action for multi-sheet drill-down
· Filters
· Dashboard
· Story

You will learn

✓ Exploring various business insights from specific data.
✓ Identifying which are the appropriate data visualization techniques for those insights.
✓ Creating those data visualizations.
✓ Analysing & interpretation of the visualization for effective decision making.
✓ Data transformation techniques.


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This course is for

• Students who would like to learn tableau from management perspective.
• Data analysts who would like to explore data visualization and the interpretation.
• Managers, Business Executives for developing the skills of analysis from data visualization and its interpretation for effective decision making.
• Academics who would like to understand and practice data visualization in various business scenarios for them as well as for their students.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 50m
Language: English
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