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21 days to a Safe, Strong Yoga Practice – A Beginners Guide

A complete beginner level course on Mobility, Strength and Safety in movement when practicing Yoga
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Adapt your Yoga practice to YOU instead of YOU to a Yoga practice with this complete, beginner level course.
Here you will gain the freedom to decide how you wish to take your Yoga practice by giving you the exact methods to modify or strengthen poses that are regularly done without much thought.
On our 21 day journey, each part of the body is considered, from the eyes to the toes. We work systematically through each area giving instructional, functional movement techniques enabling you to construct your own method and take it into your practice.
The last two days are full classes. A total body reset, where we incorporate everything we have learned over the past month and put it into practice in a short beginner level vinyasa flow class, and a total body release where we completely relax and allow the body and mind to rest, incorporating all we have learned over the past few weeks.
We will deconstruct outdated yoga cues and find ways of moving in your Yoga routine that take your unique anatomy, energy levels and body into consideration and build strength and mobility along the way!
Sometimes, the most ‘advanced’ thing you can do in your yoga practice is to rest and/or skip things … you will learn how to say NO to forceful teachers and refuse to ignore your boundaries!

This course contains: –

•24 informative video lessons packed with tips and tricks to revolutionise your practice (almost 8 hours of premium content!)
•An easy to read PDF explaining tips on using the information in the course and how to add it to your daily routine!
•A beautiful beginner level, full 1 hr vinyasa class
•An extra tutorial on how to modify the vinyasa if you feel overwhelmed by the whole ‘up dog, down dog’ thing or if you simply want a rest day
•A second Sun Salutation A tutorial so that you can start to practice this great warm up activity at home

Use this course in different ways: –

•Take the exercises and modifications into your regular studio Yoga class to tailor the movements to your unique anatomy, body type and energy levels for that day.
•Take the techniques and knowledge acquired here and use them in your home or online Yoga practice, making sure that you stay motivated, strong and healthy as you move.
•Use these practices as a standalone workout or yoga routine and simply take as many repetitions of each exercise as feels good for you TODAY! Mix and match and have fun!
Learn the difference between intensity and pain and never push yourself into shapes your body isn’t ready for again!

What are people saying about this course? 
Here are some testimonials from folks who have already joined me for this 21 day journey! 

•’If anyone is wondering about this, it is MEGA good. I learned so much about staying safe and looking after myself while enjoying my practice. Plus … it’s so helpful how you explain different options, levels. Great! Love it!!!’ – Kathi, Vienna AT
•’Wonderful! I really love your mindful cues 🙂 <3′ – Vera, Vienna AT
•’Kate – Wow, I am enjoying your course soooo much! I am literally looking forward to getting up so I can do my next lesson. They are just the right length so I can not worry when I have  a lot to do, and I am learning so much every day. I’m incorporating my lessons into my every day movement, every time I place the cat’s bowls down or put pans into a low cupboard or reach for something high is an excuse to enjoy the stretch. And I’m getting noticeably stronger really fast’ – Janna, UK
•’I really can’t thank you enough, I had no idea how much I was “hanging in my bones” and locking my joints and generally messing myself up when I thought I was doing good. The pins and needles in my shoulder that I’ve now had for years are receding! I’m so grateful!’ – Meghan, UK
•’I love doing the oceanic breathing, I really miss the sea and I didn’t realise I could make that noise like that!
The hands lesson was fantastic, fisty fun, hahahahaha. I noticed that rolling my wrists makes me gurn madly, it must be fun being the teacher of a proper class and watching everyone concentrating!  
So thank you again my dear, I am very much loving your work and very grateful for the healing you are sharing with me’ Florence, UK
Join me and revolutionise your Yoga practice today! 

You will learn

✓ Tips and tricks to add to your everyday Yoga practice or fitness routine that will assist in keeping your body healthy and safe
✓ How to avoid straining your joints and muscles while you move
✓ Techniques to add strength training to your practice
✓ How to combat things like ‘text neck’, tension headaches, rounded shoulders and lower back pain from sitting
✓ Joint and muscle mobility drills and exercises
✓ Simple exercises that can be used as a stand-alone workout or added to your usual routine or yoga practice
✓ Myths around certain cues and why we should throw them out!
✓ How to tell if you have gone too far in some poses and what NOT to do!
✓ How to avoid being bossed around in your practice and permission to say NO to forceful teachers!
✓ Modified versions of Sun Salutations, Vinyasa and other standalone poses


• Should have attended at least 1 Yoga class before, online or in person.
• Relatively mobile and able to handle basic yoga props
• A willingness to learn about your body and a desire to move a little!

This course is for

• Are you a beginner Yoga practitioner?
• Do you tend to push yourself into positions that your body isn’t ready for, or simply quit when things get a bit more challenging in the yoga room?
• Have you injured yourself whilst practising yoga, because of this tendency to force it? (You should have now completely healed and have the doc’s OK to move again)
• Do you feel that your body simply doesn’t do the ‘cookie cutter’ version of some positions that are taught?
• Do you feel that some yoga cues are outdated and don’t work for you but aren’t sure how to modify your practice to include new movements?
• Are you looking to add accessibility, value and mindfulness to your yoga practice or fitness plan?
• Have you ever had a yoga teacher tell you that you are doing something ‘wrong’ or that your alignment is ‘bad’?
• Do you want to stay strong, healthy and connected as you move?
• Are you relatively mobile and can manage basic yoga props?
Yoga Instructor
Hi! I’m Kate :)
I’m a highly qualified yoga instructor who has been practicing since 2007 and teaching since 2011.
​Since 2017 I’ve taught Yoga professionally and have had the privilege of guiding a wide range of high level athletes, artists and political figures in their practices.
I’ve had the honour of practicing with and learning from some of the biggest names in Yoga over the years and had wonderful experiences on the way.
I’ve also had my fair share of injuries too …
A few years ago, I seemingly had everything. I lived in one of the richest cities in the world, had a great, well paying job and had just married a wonderful man.
However, I was riddled with undiagnosed illnesses, anxiety, depression and multiple injuries from pushing myself too far in my yoga practice.
After one particularly awful day which found me hospitalised with suspected kidney stones, I decided to take my power back and commit 100% to my healing.
For the next 6 years, I dived deep into healing methodologies. I learned about intelligent, sensible movement and how to modify the yoga practice to suit the body/energy levels that day instead of forcing the body into things it isn’t ready for.
Today, I can honestly say that I have never been stronger, healthier and more pain free.
I have a calming and gentle demenour and have spent years perfecting the use of mindful cueing allowing you to move in your practice without checking to see what I’m doing.
My teaching style is fun and friendly and I can’t wait to share my practice with you!
Platform: Udemy
Video: 7h 45m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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