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200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training – Part 1 (Yoga Alliance)

Part 1 of Part 2 of our Internationally Accredited Certification Course by Yoga Alliance
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Welcome to the Bodsphere’s 200-Hrs Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course! (Certification by Yoga Alliance)
This Course provides an opportunity to deeply enrich your practice and understanding of Yoga. This comprehensive YTT will give you a strong foundation for yoga philosophy and practice through detailed videos, readings, workbooks, handouts, and lectures. It is also WORLD’s FIRST 200-Hrs Yoga Teacher Training on Udemy!
IMPORTANT: The Course is divided into TWO PARTS and one has to complete both the Parts to be eligible for the Certification. There is one Final Quiz towards the end of PART 2!
Bodsphere’s 200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (PART 1) includes:
•400+ Pages Yoga Teacher Training Manual
•10+ Practical Classes to work on Strength, Flexibility, Mobility
•History & Philosophy of Yoga
•Vedas & Upanishads
•Paths of Yoga
•Different Definitions of Yoga
•All about Chakras
•Access to Patanjali Yoga Sutras Videos (€140 value)
•eBooks on different topics related to Yoga (€225 Value)
•All about Ashtanga Yoga (8 Limbs of Yoga)
•Anatomy & Physiology
•Ayurveda – The Science of Life
Bodsphere’s 200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course (PART 2) includes:
Alignments, Pose Variations, Benefits & Contraindications of 50+ Asanas (Poses) – Standing, Sitting, Side, Prone & Supine
•Guided Meditations to experience the pure bliss, peace, relaxation and positivity
•Mantra Chanting to go within
•Introduction to Yoga Nidra – A powerful Yogic technique
•Importance of Pranayama and Energy Channels
•7+ Pranayama Techniques (Breathing Techniques) for a better living and rejuvenated body & mind
•Teaching Methodology – All about conducting a Yoga Session (Instructions, Tone, Body Language, Communication, Seating arrangement, Time and a lot more)
•eBooks on different topics related to Yoga
•Two Free Yoga Resume Templates
•Free Sample New Yoga Client Intake & Health History Form
•Free Yoga Cover Letter Template
•Sample Waiver of Liability
•Access to Yoga Inspiration Class Playlists
•100+ Creative Yoga Class Theme Ideas
•eBooks on different topics related to Yoga (€225 Value)
•Two Free Yoga Resume Templates (€200 Value)
•Free Sample New Yoga Client Intake & Health History Form (€180 Value)
•Free Yoga Cover Letter Template (€50 Value)
•Sample Waiver of Liability (€140 value)
•Access to Yoga Inspiration Class Playlists
•100+ Creative Yoga Class Theme Ideas (€50 Value)
You will also receive wonderful resources with this course:
•400+ Pages Yin Yoga Teacher Training Manual
•Yoga Instructor’s Cover Letter
•Yoga Resume Templates
•100+ Creative Yoga Class Themes PDF
•Yoga Liability Waiver and Release
•10+ Recommended Books
•10+ eBooks on different topics related to Yoga (€550 Value)

All of our resources are exclusive to Bodsphere! This course will provide you with all of the skills, tools and knowledge you need to confidently and safely teach Yoga classes. Our Courses have no pass/ fail criteria. What matters is your learning and growth!
Happy learning and continue growing on this beautiful path of Yoga!

You will learn

✓ Ancient Yogic Philosophy (History and Origin) along with Vedas & Upanishads
✓ Practical Yoga Classes for Strength, Flexibility & Mobility
✓ Paths of Yoga and Different definitions of Yoga as per Yogic Texts
✓ All about Ashtanga Yoga (8 Limbs)
✓ Anatomy & Physiology and How to integrate it with Yoga
✓ Ayurveda – The Science of Life
✓ All about Chakras and different layers of our body
✓ Commentaries over Patanjali Yoga Sutras
✓ Usage of the Props & Resources for Teaching
✓ Tons of eBooks & Resources on different topics related to Yoga & Teaching


• None. Only willingness to grow and learn together.

This course is for

• Those who are looking to get certified as Yoga Teacher and help others walk the path of Yoga.
• Those who have already been practicing Yoga and want to take your practice and knowledge of yoga to the next level.
• Those who want to deepen your personal asana and meditation practice.
• Those who wish to explore the subtler and deeper level of awareness through practice of Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and Yogic lifestyle.
• Someone who wants to transform his/ her life.
• Life Coaches & Health care professionals who want to provide the therapeutic benefits of Yoga to their clients.
• Yoga teachers who would like to expand their skills and knowledge.
• From Beginners to qualified Yoga Teachers.
Yoga Teacher Training School
Bodsphere is the leading International Online Yoga Teacher Training School with a global presence in 100+ Countries. We take pride in building strong, knowledgable instructors, to spread the teachings of Yoga. Become a Certified Yoga Teacher affordably and easily online!
Its Founders – Samarthya & Preetika have a combined experience of 37+ Years and they also provide 1000+ FREE Yoga & Fitness Tutorials on their Instagram Account & Youtube Channel named “Bodsphere”. They have been traveling around the world conducting Yoga Teacher Trainings, Retreats and Workshops on body and mind. Their teachings have helped many from all over the world.
We are happy to serve you, always!
Platform: Udemy
Video: 20h 42m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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