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1Y0-308 Citrix Access Gateway 4.5 Advanced Edition Admin

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Sample Questions:
What are two things necessary to change the membership of a server farm? (Choose two.)
FQDN authentication server
The name of the license server.
Name of the database server

What is true for the use of the migration assistant?
This allows administrators to export advanced access control of imported configuration files.
This allows administrators to choose the destination subnet, if the configuration files will be exported to the advanced control access server in a different subnet.
It does not support the configuration file of the migration to an earlier version of the Advanced Access Control.
It does not support the migration of configuration files from any other version of the Advanced Access Control, with the exception of 4.2.

In Access Gateway 4.5 Advanced Edition Implementation, Server presentation farms can be configured by which the two properties? (Choose two.)
Gateway access
Points of entry to the property
Policy properties
Access Server Farm Properties

In an environment where access to resources is limited to client devices running a particular version of Internet Explorer, what step should be completed to create continuous scans of your registration to meet this requirement?
Clean the MD5 field.
Enter the oldest date stamp, acceptable for the browser.
Go to the software that runs on the server.
Specify the registration path, type and browser key.

In an environment where there are several connection policies that are configured, the administrator can ensure that a policy has priority over the other?
Establish a default policy as the preferred policy for all users.
Assign the desired policy a higher priority than others.
Assigning the policy deforms strict conditions.
Configuring the preferred policy as the default policy for all users.

When does an event record, something that should be indicated on the Access Management Console?
The entry point in the system, whose events will be recorded.
Events must enter
Where the event will be recorded
Registration filter.

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