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156-315.80 Check Point Certified Security Expert – R80

Exam156-315.80 Check Point Certified Security Expert - R80
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The test contains a bank of 400 questions and answers for the Check Point R80 certification exam – CCSE code 156-315.80. This quiz contains the same questions as the actual exam and will help you get certified safely. Audience The questionnaire is intended for technical professionals performing advanced deployment setup.
Validate and improve your skills and optimally manage Check Point’s advanced security management systems.
CCSA training and certification with practical knowledge of Windows and / or UNIX, network technology, Internet and TCP / IP.
• Articulate Gaia system management procedures. • Explain how to perform database migration procedures. • Articulate the purpose and function of Management High Availability. • Describe how to use Check Point API tools to perform management functions. • Articulate an understanding of Security Gateway cluster upgrade methods. • Discuss the process of Stateful Traffic inspection. • Articulate an understanding of the Check Point Firewall processes and debug procedures. • Describe advanced ClusterXL functions and deployment options. • Explain how the SecureXL acceleration technology enhances and optimizes Security Gateway performance. • Describe how the CoreXL acceleration technology enhances and improves Security Gateway performance. • Articulate how utilizing multiple traffic queues can make traffic handling more efficient. • Describe different Check Point Threat Prevention solutions for network attacks. • Explain how SandBlast, Threat Emulation, and Threat Extraction help to prevent security incidents. • Recognize alternative Check Point Site-to-Site deployment options. • Recognize Check Point Remote Access solutions and how they differ from each other. • Describe Mobile Access deployment options.
Sample Questions:
Q) Identify the API that is not supported by Check Point currently.
A. R80 Management API-
B. Identity Awareness Web Services API
Q) Your manager asked you to check the status of SecureXL, and its enabled templates and features. What command will you use to provide such information to manager?
A. fw accel stat
B. fwaccel stat
C. fw acces stats
D. fwaccel stats
Q) Which two of these Check Point Protocols are used by Smart Event Processes?
A. ELA and CPD
B. FWD and LEA
Q) Which of these statements describes the Check Point Threat Cloud?
A. Blocks or limits usage of web applications
B. Prevents or controls access to web sites based on category
C. Prevents Cloud vulnerability exploits
D. A worldwide collaborative security network
Q) Automatic affinity means that if Secure XL is running, the affinity for each interface is automatically reset every
A. 15 sec
B. 60 sec
C. 5 sec
D. 30 sec
Q) Which command can you use to enable or disable multi-queue per interface?
A. cpm q set
B. Cpm queue set
C. Cpm q config
D. St cpmq enable
Q) Which packet info is ignored with Session Rate Acceleration?
A. source port ranges
B. source ip
C. source port
D. same info from Packet Acceleration is used
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