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10 Scientifically Proven Time Management Strategies

Move Beyond Just The To-Do-List
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The classic to-do-lists used to work for me, but I found as more items were added my life satisfaction went down. There was a limit to having just a to-do-list as a time management strategy. The things I really wanted to do like vacationing and visiting friends kept being pushed to the side. Luckily I discovered a better way to manage time. Thank you for considering my course. If you have any question feel free to contact me before and during your course. I hope by the end of the course you will be much more productive and happier with your life. If you look at the structure of the course it is broken down in 10 sections. Each of the 10 sections covers a different topic related to scientifically proven time management strategies. If you develop your skills in each of these 10 areas you will be much happier and more productive by the end of the course. The topics and both scientifically proven and used by me. The techniques are also time tested. I think the worst thing that can happen in one’s life on the path of success (Success which includes career, relationships, fun, travel, etc.) is you start building and begin to become suffocated by what you created. Sometimes the things that we think will bring success also can own us, imprison us. We need to develop techniques along the way to deal with both the good and bad trappings of success. Think of this course like a system to build techniques that are proven to work.

You will learn

✓ Get beyond just the to-do-list and become more productive with these 10 scientifically proven time management strategies
✓ Students will learn how to be more efficient with their time
✓ Students will be able to be more productive in their daily life
✓ Students will learn tips and tricks and apply them techniques to their life


• Interest in learning more about time management
• Open mind

This course is for

• Anyone curious about being more productive with their time and leading a more fulfilled daily life
• Anyone that wants to be less stressed, happier, and more productive
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