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#1 Ultimate Crypto Currency Investing Program + Extras

The Ultimate guide to Crypto Currency
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Did you miss out on investing in Google, Apple and Amazon and only wish you had? Well don’t worry, you have your chance to be involved in something equally as innovative and exciting with the opportunity to learn and invest in Cryptocurrency! 
This course will teach you how to become set up to buy, sell and trade Cryptocurrency in the shortest time possible. 
If you had bought £20 worth of Bitcoin in 2009 you would now be sitting on £8.4 million, and the great thing is that the Cryptocurrency gold rush has only just started, with the market jumping from £28 to £150 billion in just 6 months and predicted to be worth £5 trillion in 5 years. The time is now!! 
I have always been an entrepreneur and have consistently prospered in my ventures. I have never encountered an opportunity with such a real potential to see me retire in as little as 3-5 years time!!! The growth of this marketplace is widely predicted to be huge and you could also be in during it’s infancy. Warren Buffet has been quoted saying that there will be more millionaires made in the next 3 years than there have been in the last 100 years!! 
I have developed this course to accelerate your understanding so that you don’t have to waste precious time learning the hard way through trial and financial error, or spending endless hours searching on the internet on how to do each little thing!! 

You will learn

✓ How to find great value coins which will generate huge returns long term
✓ How to get set up for investing or day trading in the quickest time possible
✓ Understand technical analysis and how to make informed buying decisions on coins
✓ Understand the psychology of trading so you don’t get caught out and never lose money


• You should have a bank account to be able to buy Bitcoin
• Good internet or a smart phone
• An appetite and enthusiasm to learn

This course is for

• Anyone who wants to learn about Cryptocurrency
• Anyone looking for trading strategies short, medium or long term
• Anyone who is not sure where to start and would like a easy way to get involved
• Anyone who wants to to master their own psychology so you can trade without the fear of losing money
• Anyone who wants to make money!
Entrepreneur, sales and Crypto currency Guru
Hey Everyone! My name is James. I’m your Cryptocurrency, Sales and Networking Guru and I’m here to help you every step of the way in achieving your aspirations. 
To tell you a little about myself I currently live in the UK and I’m an avid martial arts fan. Career wise I have worked for numerous large corporations such as Coors Brewers, Kelloggs, Carlsberg and Cadburys. My real passion however has always been investing, and helping and training people.  
No matter which course you are here to learn from me, whether it’s understanding Cryptocurrency, Networking or how to improve your Sales skills, I will teach you in a highly effective way that will be fun, informative and actionable. 
I have been trading markets since 2008 and my most notable success was turning £10k into £100k in just 9 months! 
My key objectives are:
1) To condense years of learning and experience into fun, easy and bite-sized informative chunks.
2) To convey as much value to you as possible within the training courses. 
My specialist areas are:
Cryptocurrency – How to invest in cryptocurrency and how I grew my own portfolio by 24000% in under 12 months. 
Network Marketing Training – Having spent 4 years within this sector I established a new company and within 5 months I built a team of over 1300 people which continues to grow with the team’s expansion into Europe. 
Professional Sales Training – I have coached many professionals in corporate sales in various prominent companies such as Kellogg’s and Cadburys and can provide a structured, easy way to help you sell more.
Teaching & Coaching – In addition to the corporate aspect, I have coached and mentored many people from all walks of life including stay at home Mums to Directors of large companies.
Mentorship – I have travelled the world to meet, listen and learn from the world’s top Entrepreneurs and have acquired many concepts and insights to share. Over the past 12 months these have included Richard Branson, Tony Robbins & Eric Worre.
I look forward to being your teacher and mentor. I like to keep all my courses updated with new information and endeavour to respond to all questions in a prompt and timely manner!
        ► Number 1 rule to success is to take MASSIVE ACTION…so join me today ◄
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 18m
Language: English
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