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【200+ kanji lesson】N5 kanji 100 + Useful kanji 100 (N3~N5)

Kanji lesson with native certified teacher
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Hi, I’m Mari sensei. I have over 10,000 followers on Instagram, and I’m a certified teacher and now teaching Japanese online.
What do you think of when you hear the word “kanji”? Do you feel it is difficult? For people from non-kanji countries, studying kanji is very difficult. But, don’t worry. There are several groups of kanji, and once you master them, learning kanji will become much easier. If you’ve studied kanji before but have given up, why don’t you try studying with us again?
In this lesson, I teach you 100 N5 level kanji and also more than 100 useful kanji.
I am a native Japanese speaker and a certified Japanese teacher. I have also passed the Japanese Kanji Proficiency Test in Japan.

In this lesson. you can learn:

•How to read kanji
•Japanese idioms
•Sentences (with colors)
•stroke order (with beautiful calligraphy)

Please preview and have a look. I’m sure you’ll find it easier to understand than the kanji lessons in the textbooks so far. The pronunciation is of a native speaker. The writing order is also explained in beautiful characters. The example sentences are familiar to you, so they are definitely useful.

If you learn 200 kanji, you will be able to master N5 to N4 level kanji. Let’s learn the basic kanji together. Have fun!

You will learn

✓ 100 kanji for JLPT N5 level
✓ More 100+ useful kanji classified with radicals(N3~N5 level)
✓ How to read basic kanji
✓ How to make Japanese sentences with kanji
✓ Japanese idioms
✓ How to write Japanese kanji beautifully


• Can understand basic English
• Can read hiragana & katakana

This course is for

• Those who are interested in Japanese language
• Those who are not confident in kanji
• Those who are studying JLPT test
Japanese Tutor
Hello! I’m Mari from Japan. I’ve lived Toronto, Canada for a year, and have some experiences in overseas. I have Japanese teaching license and now teaching Japanese on online and Instagram. If you want to speak Japanese more fluency, please take my lessons. Hopefully I can help your studying here. Thank you!
Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 51m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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